Why Do I Keep Receiving Msvcr80.dll Missing Errors?

What is Msvcr80.dll?

MSVCR80.dll is a Microsoft C runtime library. Although there are many other libraries on your Windows PC, MSVCR80.dll is the default for all DLLs that were compiled using the Visual Studio 2005 compiler and linker.

Common Msvcr80.dll Errors

Some of the common msvcr80.dll errors that you may come across while working on a Windows computer include:

  • "Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: msvcr80.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again."
  • “Msvcr80.dll Not Found"
  • "Cannot find [PATH]\msvcr80.dll"
  • "The file msvcr80.dll is missing."
  • "This application failed to start because msvcr80.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."


There can be several reasons that may result in these errors. Some of the most common causes are:

  • The Msvr80.dll file is deleted by mistake.
  • The file is damaged or corrupt.
  • The application that is generating the error is corrupt.
  • DLL registry entry is missing or corrupt.
  • Computer is infected by some type of malware.

Resolution Methods

Perform the steps listed below in the given sequence to resolve these errors. After each step, check if the error is resolved.

  1. Check the Recycle Bin: If you deleted the file by mistake, it is quite likely in the Recycle Bin. So, if it is there, restore the file to resolve the error.
  2. Check computer for malware infections: The file may be deleted or infected by some type of malware, which may be causing the error. So, update your anti-malware tool and then run a thorough full system scan. If the tool detects any infection, take appropriate action to remove it.
  3. Reinstall the application that is generating the error: If the error generates when you are using a specific application, reinstall this application to replace any missing files. For best results, uninstall the application first, and then reinstall it. For complete removal of application file during uninstallation, it is best to use an efficient program uninstaller that ensures complete removal of program files and registry entries.
  4. Update device drivers installed on the computer. This DLL file is used by several hardware device drivers. So, when missing DLL file errors related to this DLL file occur, it is a good idea to update all device drivers installed on your computer. If you find this a little tedious, you can use a reliable device driver update tool that will automate the entire process.
  5. Rollback driver changes: Try to rollback any recent driver updates to see if it fixes the error. You can rollback a driver update using the Device Manager tool.
  6. Use System File Checker: System File Checker or sfc is the utility Windows uses to fix system files. To run this utility at Start > Run, execute the command “sfc /scannow”. You might need the Windows operating system disk when this command is run. Windows copies the original file from the disk to restore it to the system.
  7. Update Windows: Many DLL and other system files are updated when a Windows update is run. So, run this update. If msvcr80.dll is part of any of these updates, a new file will be copied to your system.
  8. Run memory and hard disk tests: Many PC errors occur due to faulty hardware, especially due to malfunctioning RAM and hard disk. So, if you have a reliable hardware maintenance tool, use it to run diagnostics checks on system hardware. In addition, run built-in disk clean and disk defragmenter tools to optimize your hard disk for better performance.
  9. Reinstall Windows: If all else fails, it is best to back up your data and then perform a clean install of Windows.
  10. Get your PC hardware checked by a technician: If the problem persists even after a clean Windows install, it is quite likely that some PC hardware is damaged. In this case, it is best to get it checked by a reliable technician to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Msvr80.dll Version Mismatch errors

With so many new applications being launched every year, at times, a situation arises when you have two programs that need to use a different version of a particular DLL file, including Msvcr80.dll. This can lead to errors related to version mismatches.

To counter this problem, Microsoft has enforced the use of manifest in applications. Manifest helps in identifying the exact version of the dependent file required by a particular application. This is been done by enabling side-by-side existence of multiple versions of the same file without any conflicts. These shared DLL files are copied to the WinSxS folder (side-by-side cache) instead of the default C:\System32 folder.

However, this solution has its own complications. For instance, not all Windows operating systems support side-by side execution. And on those that do support it, the complex installation process opens up many options for errors.

If an application is unable to reach the dll in its side-by-side execution folder, you may receive an error message similar to the one given below:

This application has failed to start because MSVCR80.dll was not found. Re-installing the application might fix the problem.

This error occurs when an application that needs to use a DLL file from a side-by-side assembly does not comprise an application manifest file-application_name.exe.manifest or application_name.exe-in the WinSxS folder specifying the assembly it uses.

Note: The manifest file is an XML file comprising the full name of the application along with its extension.

How to fix Msvcr80.dll Version error

If you look for a solution to this error, you may be asked to download the latest version of the MSVCR80.dll file from the Web and copy it to the C:\System32 folder. However, this is not the correct solution. The reason why is because the MSVCR80.dll is already there on your PC. It’s just not in the system32 folder. Instead, it is in the WinSxS side-by-side execution folder. You may be able to resolve your current error by copying the DLL file to system32, but it will only generate other errors on the system.

The MSVCR80.dll file is not distributed centrally by Microsoft. However, it gets installed on your system by applications that require it. And if you have downloaded and installed .NET Framework 2.0 on your PC, you probably already have the file on your PC.

So how do you resolve the missing MSVCR80.dll error?

  1. First, check if the manifest for the application is there in the WinSxS folder. If it is there, then chances are that the manifest file is corrupt or damaged. You may try to resolve the error by deleting this file and reinstalling your application.
  2. If the file does not exist, then to permanently resolve the error you may have to create a manifest for the application that is causing the error and place it in the correct location. However, creating a manifest requires you to have programming experience. If you do not have that, then it is best that you report the error to the application manufacturer and ask them to provide you with a solution.