What Are Some Of The New Features in Windows 7?

Windows 7 is a new and upcoming version of Microsoft Windows operating system. It is scheduled to be released in the end of July 2009 and will be available for retail sale by the 22nd of October 2009. The purpose behind this new version is to be fully compatible with all the hardware and applications of its predecessor Windows Vista and to also have some additional features. Some of the new features in Windows 7 are explained in this article.

One major problem faced by Windows Vista users is speed and application response time. Windows 7 addresses this issue to a great extent. The operating system comes with much an enhanced application response time. It also boasts of a faster boot up process as compared to its predecessor Windows Vista.

Windows 7 is developed to ensure that it is compatible with most of the hardware and applications that were compatible with Vista. Another impressive feature of Windows 7 is that it requires lesser hardware configuration as compared to Vista. It can run quite comfortably on a 1GHz Notebook with only 1 GB memory.

The new Windows 7 comes with a new feature called Libraries. These are virtual folders that accumulate content from various locations on your system and network, and then present the content in a collective view.

Microsoft has also added some new features to the Task Bar and Start Menu by using its Aero Technology. The taskbar now has larger icons and similar items are stacked together.  For example, a stack will appear on your taskbar if you have multiple Word documents open. A thumbnail view will appear when the mouse is pointed to it. The Quick Launch bar has been replaced with an option of pinning an application to the task bar.  The Start menu has an extra option of ‘Device and Printers’. This option opens the new Device Manager.  The search option in the Start menu is now linked to the Control Panel. The Show Desktop button now has a new feature of Aero Peek. Taking the mouse pointer to this will give you a quick look of the desktop by making all currently open windows transparent.

The most annoying feature of Windows Vista was the User Account Control (UAC) developed to control problems related to malware. It is dialog box that pops up every time you try to make any kind of changes to Windows settings or when you install new applications. In Windows 7 you can restrain this feature to an extent and reduce the number of pop ups.

Windows 7 also includes some new features such as handwriting recognition, virtual hard disk support, DirectAccess and kernel improvements. It also gives additional support to systems that use an assortment of graphic cards. It also has a new version of Windows Media Centre and a redesigned calculator. The new operating system also includes XPS essential pack and Windows PowerShell.

The Control Panel now includes new items like Clear Type, Text Tuner, Display Colour Calibration Wizard, Gadgets, Recovery, Troubleshooting, Workspace Centre, Credential Manager, Biometric Devices, System Icons, and Display that makes it easier to configure your Windows operating system. The operating system also comprises the Windows Action Centre to take care of the system’s security and maintenance instead of the Windows Security Centre.