Uses of Registry Checker Tool

The Windows Registry Checker tool (scanreg.exe) is included in Microsoft Windows 98 and Windows ME operating systems to create backups of system files and the registry once a day. System.dat, User.dat, System.ini, and Win.ini are some of the important files that the Registry Checker tool backs up everyday.

Registry Checker Tool Features

Every time you install or uninstall an application, browse the Web, or even change the Window size, there are some values added to the registry. Most of these values are removed from the registry when they are no longer required. But, there are a few that leave empty data spaces behind, thereby causing registry fragmentation. If you actively use the Internet on a daily basis, then it is quite likely that malicious software such as virus, Trojan, Spyware, and adware have been downloaded to your system while you are online. These software usually work by entering malicious entries into the registry, which in turn, increase the number of errors on your system.

When you run the Registry Checker tool, it automatically scans the registry for invalid and malicious entries and empty data blocks. If the tool detects invalid registry entries, it replaces the current registry with the registry backed up a day before. In the absence of a registry backup, the tool tries to repair the registry to make it error free. If more than 500 KB of empty data blocks exist in the registry, then the Registry Checker tool optimizes the registry to remove these empty blocks.

If you are trying to upgrade your operating system then, the Windows Setup program will run the Registry Checker tool to check the integrity of the existing registry. In case the registry is damaged, the tool automatically tries to fix the errors.

You can also run the Registry Checker tool (Scanregw.exe) in protected mode. In this mode, you can use the tool to scan the registry for errors and backup important system files. If the tool detects invalid entries in the registry, it refers to the real-mode Registry checker tool (Scanreg.exe) to resolve them.

Configuring Registry Checker Tool

To customize and configure the Registry Checker tool based on your requirements, you need to edit the Scanre.ini file. You can edit this file to enable or disable the tool, specify the number of backups you want to maintain, and specify the location of the backup folder. Ideally you must not maintain more than 5 backups at one time. You can also configure the file to backup additional files other than the one already included in it by default.

The registry plays a very important role in the functioning of your Windows PC. Therefore, to keep your PC in optimal working condition and error free it is very important for you to ensure that the system registry is free of invalid entries and empty data spaces. The Registry Checker is one such tool included in Windows 98 and ME systems to perform regular backups of system files and the registry, and also repair the registry to remove invalid entries from it. In addition to this tool, you can also download a registry cleaner tool from the internet. Registry Cleaner tools are usually user friendly and provide a number of options to scan the registry and repair the errors to ensure a healthy registry.