Use Registry Medic to Cure Registry Problems

The registry is a hierarchal database that branches into multiple subtrees, with each subtree branching into a root key and its subkeys and values. As you continue to work on your PC, a large number of obsolete, unused, invalid, and redundant information creeps into the registry. This makes your system sluggish and gives rise to frequent system errors and crashes.

Absence of regular registry maintenance may fragment the registry and build up a lot of junk information within it. This causes the registry to grow at an uncontrollable rate and make it unstable. This, in turn, considerably affects your PC’s performance and prevents it from working smoothly.

To restore your registry and system back to its normal working condition, you can download the Registry Medic registry cleaner software from the Internet.

Registry Medic

Registry Medic makes it simple for you to get rid of all your registry problems and ensure optimal system performance. The registry cleaner software supports Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. Let’s now look at some of the major features of the software.

The excellent scanning capabilities of Registry Medic helps you scan your registry for 10 different types of problems including History lists, invalid Help files, incorrect and malicious entries entered by viruses, and many more. You can customize your search by selecting only those categories for which you want to perform the search. The software also provides you with an option to run and stop the scan at any time and specify the files and folders that you do not want to scan.

Registry Medic always backs up your registry before making any changes to it. Therefore, if you are not happy with the fixes, you just need to restore the registry from the backup. Also, you can take periodic registry backups and even configure the software to back up every time you use the software.

The best thing about Registry Medic is that it provides flexible options to fix the detected registry errors. You can select a few or all of the errors to fix. You can also select a few errors and invert your selection to fix the errors other than the ones you selected initially. You can use the default solution provided by Registry Medic to fix the errors or choose a different method. Additionally, you can select the button on the software window to open the Registry Editor.

The latest version of Registry Medic helps you perform many other tasks such as eliminate Internet Explorer problems, choose to run one of the three registry scan levels, and search the registry files for information. You can also use the software to manage the right-click button of your mouse and configure the speed of various system processes such as the shutdown process.

Registry Medic is a reliable registry cleaner software that helps you easily scan the Windows registry for errors and fix these errors. The software also helps you remove malicious entries and files added to your system by viruses and Trojans. The software promotes regular registry backups and helps you perform a number of other PC maintenance tasks that help you keep all your PC problems at bay.