Uninstaller Programs

Many times, when you download and install uncertified programs on your Windows XP system, they may also download junk files and add invalid entries to the registry. When you uninstall such programs, they may leave behind a lot of debris in the form of orphan files on the system and junk entries in the registry. For instance, multimedia-rich games, when uninstalled, may leave behind directX drivers and media files that were downloaded with the game. These files clutter your system and considerably deteriorate its performance. To take care of this, you may need a third-party uninstaller program to search for all orphan files and registry entries and remove them from the system. In this article, we are going to discuss the features of some popular uninstaller programs.

McAfee Uninstaller 6.5

McAfee UnInstaller 6.5 is a user-friendly uninstaller utility that makes you a pro at dealing with all the unwanted junk files and registry entries on your system. Using McAfee Uninstaller you can easily clean unwanted files and shortcuts from your system thereby enhancing system performance. McAfee Uninstaller provides a large number advanced options that you can use to perform many other maintenance activities on your system. McAfee Uninstaller helps you:

  • Quickly uninstall and remove unwanted files from the system without affecting shared and critical system files.
  • Easily archive, transport, remove, move, and delete unwanted programs from your system.
  • Maintain compressed backup copies of the uninstalled programs that you can access anytime just in a few mouse clicks.
  • Remove incorrect entries from the registry, system.ini, and Start Menu.
  • Remove irrelevant files from the Recycle Bin, obsolete shortcuts, lost file fragments, and temporary files.
  • Monitor the applications installed on your system and maintain a record of any configuration changes done to it.
  • Use different cleaning levels based on your own comfort level in handling technical PC problems.

Ashampoo Uninstaller Platinum Suite

Ashampoo Uninstaller Platinum Suite uses the snapshot technique to help you efficiently uninstall programs. Ashampoo Uninstaller takes two snapshots of your system. One snapshot is taken before you install an application and one after installation. Both snapshots include information related to registry entries, file locations, version, date and size. This information is stored in a log file. Ashampoo Uninstall program uses this log file to restore your system to what it was before you uninstalled the application.

Ashampoo Uninstall program has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy-to-use. The program maintains a record for all updates and patches installed for an application after the initial installation. This helps you in ensuring an efficient uninstall of the application with no residue files and registry entries. To prevent the clutter of Ashampoo log files on the hard disk, the utility helps you specify a location to store all log files.

Norton Cleansweep

Norton Cleansweep helps you get rid of unnecessary files from your system and eliminate other junk such as cookies, directx drivers, and ActiveX controls. The uninstaller helps you easily back up applications and system files that you do not use frequently.

Norton Cleansweep is fast and efficient, and scans your entire system within minutes to display errors on the screen. You can manually go through each error and select the ones you want to delete. Norton Cleansweep has a user-friendly and simple interface that makes the task of cleaning your system more simple.

When you uninstall programs using the Add or Remove Programs feature of your Windows operating system, some orphan files and registry entries may get left behind. Usually, this occurs when the installation files are corrupt and proper uninstallation has not taken place. The left over junk files and registry entries may slow down your system and generate frequent system errors. A large number of third-party uninstaller programs are available today that you can download and install on your system. These programs keep a track of all applications installed on your system and ensure that all related files are removed when you perform an uninstall. In other words, they ensure absolute freedom from all cluttered junk on your system. McAfee Uninstaller 6.5, Ashampoo Uninstaller Platinum Suite, and Norton Cleansweep are three commonly used uninstaller programs.