Tools to Perform Nero Uninstall

Need to Perform Nero Uninstall?

Nero Burning ROM is an optical disc authoring program developed by Nero AG for both Windows and Linux platforms. The program Nero Express, usually, comes bundled with CD and DVD burners as an OEM application. Most often, you need to uninstall Nero from your PC due to one of the following reasons:

  • You want to upgrade to a higher version and the current software is not allowing you to do so.
  • Your current installation has gone corrupt and you want to perform a clean uninstall before reinstalling it again.
  • The software is eating up a lot of space on your PC.
  • You no longer want to use Nero to burn your CDs.

A number of Nero uninstall tools are available on their website that you can use to remove the software from your system. In this article, we will have a look at these tools.

Nero Uninstall Tools
You can download tools to uninstall Nero 5 and Nero 6 from Softpedia.

General CleanTool

The General Tool can be used to remove any Nero software from your computer. To use this utility, you need to know the serial number of your software. If you have misplaced the serial number of your Nero software, open Registry Editor by running the Regedit command and then navigate to the following registry key, to obtain the serial number of your software.


After you have finished downloading the tool, run it by double-clicking on it and then select the programs you want to remove.

Registry Checker and Driver CleanTool

Nero installs certain drivers on your computer that must be removed to ensure complete uninstall of the software. To remove these files, download the Registry Checker and Driver CleanTool from the website. These tools are zipped together and you will have to extract them using a software such as WinZip or WinRar after downloading.

After extracting the files, first run the Driver CleanTool to remove all related driver files and registry entries from the system. Next, run the Registry Checker tool to ensure that these files were removed and that the drivers are now deactivated.

InCD CleanTool

Nero InCD is the standard packet writing application that simplifies the task of writing information to CDs. To ensure a complete removal of the Nero program, you will have to remove the InCD tool also. You can do this by using InCD CleanTool. When you run this tool, all files and registry entries related to the InCD utility are removed from your computer.

Nero 5 CleanTool and Nero 6 CleanTool

Nero 5 CleanTool and Nero 6 CleanTool are designed specifically to remove the software installed by each Nero version respectively. You can run these tools to remove all or one of the programs installed by Nero.

NeroVision Express CleanTool

NeroVision enables you to capture and save video to hard disk, create and edit personal video clips, and create slideshows. If this program is giving you problems, you can uninstall it by using the NeroVision Express CleanTool and then reinstall to it to rectify your problems.

Note: If you want to remove software programs that come with Nero 7, you can download the related removal tools.

When you install software programs such as Nero on your computer, numerous system files and registry entries are added to your system. Most of the time, it is not possible to ensure a complete removal of these programs by using the Add or Remove Programs utility included in Windows. To take care of this problem, software manufacturers such as Nero AG provide removal tools that help you easily remove their software from your system. It is a good idea to use a registry cleaner program such as RegServe after the uninstall to scan the registry for any left-over entries and remove them.