Solution to Runtime Error R6025

In this article, we will discuss two instances of Runtime error R6025 and their solutions. We will also discuss the two most common causes of runtime errors – malware infection and a damaged registry, and share preventive steps that you can follow to avoid runtime errors.

Error 1

When you try to update online quotes in Microsoft Money, you may encounter an error, similar to the one displayed below:

Runtime Error!

Program: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Money\MSMONEY.EXE

-pure virtual function call

Cause of the Error

In this case, runtime error R6025 occurs when the registration of Microsoft Windows Cryptographic Provider in the Windows registry is incomplete or incorrect.

Resolution Steps

To resolve the error, perform the following steps to disable ViewMgr:

  1. Click Start and then click Run.
  2. In the Run box, type msconfig and press Enter.
  3. Click the Startup tab in the System Configuration Utility dialog box.
  4. Clear the checkbox before ViewMgr.
  5. Restart your Windows computer.

The runtime error R6025 should not appear any more when you restart your computer. If the error persists when you open Microsoft Money, perform the steps discussed below:

  1. Click Start and click Run.
  2. Type cmd in the Run box and press the OK button to open Command Prompt.
  3. At Command Prompt, type the following command and press Enter
     regsvr32 rsabase.dll
  4. Next, type exit and press Enter to quit Command Prompt.

After you have successfully registered the rsabase.dll file, open Microsoft Money. If you still get the runtime error, perform the following steps:

  1. Select Start and click Run.
  2. Type cmd in the Open box and press Enter.
  3. At command prompt, type the following commands, and press Enter after each command to execute it:
    • regsvr32 cryptdlg.dll
    • regsvr32 initpki.dll
    • regsvr32 dssenh.dll
    • regsvr32 softpub.dll
    • regsvr32 wintrust.dll
    • regsvr32 rsaenh.dll
    • regsvr32 slbcsp.dll
    • regsvr32 gpkcsp.dll
    • regsvr32 sccbase.dll
  4. Next, type exit and press Enter to close Command Prompt.

Error 2                       

On a Microsoft XP computer, when you open Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, you may encounter an error message, similar to the one displayed below:

Runtime Error!
pure virtual function call

When you click the OK button in the error message dialog box, Internet Explorer 6 may close.

Resolution Method

To fix the R6025 error in this case, install the latest cumulative security update for Internet Explorer from Microsoft Update website.

As pointed out in the beginning of this article, the two most common causes of runtime errors are malware infection and registry issues. With the help of the right software and regular maintenance you can easily prevent runtime errors from occurring because of these two reasons. Further, securing your computer against malware, such as virus, worm, trojan, rootkit, adware, and spyware and keeping your Windows registry clean and healthy not only helps in avoiding runtime errors, but also prevents occurrence of many other errors.

To keep your PC protected, install robust protective software, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease on your computer. Also, schedule regular malware scans to ensure a malware free system. To ensure that your registry stays compact and healthy, perform regular registry scans using advanced registry cleaning software, such as RegServe.