Solution to ‘rgss102e.dll not found’ Error

The file rgss102e.dll is part of RPG Maker, a program that computer users can use to create their own role-playing games. You need this DLL file when you try to play games that use RPG Maker.


When you try to start a game, such as KNight Blade: Howling of Kerberos, you receive an error message similar to the ones listed below:

  • "Rgss102e.dlll could not be found”
  • “The <application name> has failed to start because rgss102e.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the error.”


Typically, the above error occurs when the required DLL is missing from your computer. It is also possible that a malware infection is behind the ‘not found’ error on your PC.


Scan for malware infections

First thing you must do is to run a malware scan on your entire computer using a robust antimalware program. Do not forget to update your protective software with the latest virus definitions and security updates before scanning your computer for infection. This is important because an outdated protective software will fail to detect the latest malware.

In case no infection is reported, move on to the next step that is discussed below.

Replace the corrupt or missing dll file

The best way to procure the missing rgss102e.dll is by installing a legal copy of RPG Maker. As mentioned above, games that use RPG Maker require this file to run. An illegal copy of RPG Maker does not include rgss102e.dll. So, if you use an illegal copy of RPG Maker, you will receive a ‘not found’ error when you try to run your game. This will happen when in a pirated copy of the game, the software is unable to locate rgss102e.dll that it requires.

Download the free trial version of RPG Maker from here and later (after 30 days) purchase the full version.

Avoid downloading the file from the internet

Although some users claim that they were able to resolve this error by downloading the rgss102e.dll from the Internet, we don’t support this practice. The reason for this is simple: many websites push malicious files by giving them same name as genuine files and listing them for free download. Downloading an incorrect version of the file, or worse, a malicious file, can cause serious damage to your computer.

If you still have decided to download the missing DLL from an unofficial source, we recommend that you verify the file size and the file version of the file that you are downloading. This information should give you an idea if the file you are downloading is genuine or not.