Solution To Hpqgpc01.exe Error

Hpqgpc01.exe – File Information

The file is associated with HP printer software. As it is an essential file, you are advised not to terminate the process. Disabling or removing hpqgpc01.exe may prevent you from using your HP printer.

Commonly, this file is found in the following sizes – 262,144, 344,064, 366,720 and 286,720 bytes.


Windows Vista users who use an HP printer may receive the error message below when they shut down their computer.

“The exception unknown software exception (0X0000005) occurred in the application located in 0X 760fbe16.”

Whether you click OK or Cancel in the error dialog box, Windows eventually shuts down without any further input from you.


Microsoft attributes the above errors to HP device drivers.


Try the following solutions below in the sequence they appear to get rid of the hpqgpc01.exe application error.

Solution 1 – Uninstall the HP Printer

In case the HP printer is causing the error, the error will disappear after you uninstall the HP printer.

Use the HP uninstaller tool or the built-in Add or Remove Programs utility to uninstall your printer. Next, shut down your PC to see if the error is resolved. If you don’t receive the error after re-booting, it means that error was being caused by the HP printer. Next, reinstall the HP printer again using the HP directions for setting up a printer.

You may have to download the latest driver and driver updates from the HP website.

Solution 2 – Add 32-bits file

If you use a 64-bit Vista computer, use the following directions to add the 32-bit files to resolve the exe error.

  1. Click the Windows icon in your taskbar, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Right-click the Printer icon and select Properties.
  3. Select Sharing.
  4. Click Change Sharing Options.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Select Drivers and then click Additional Drivers.
  7. Click X86.
  8. Repeat the first 5 steps to make sure that both the X64 and the X84 files are selected.
  9. Restart Windows.

After you restart Windows, you will receive the hpqgpc01.exe application error upon the first shut down process as changes are yet to take effect. You should not encounter the error during subsequent shut downs.

Solution – Install an HP wireless printer using the following information

If you use an HP wireless printer, you may use the following directions to install the printer. It has been found that when HP wireless printers are installed using the directions listed below, the error does not occur.

  1. Open Digital Monitor.
  2. Click Settings and then click Printer Toolbox.
  3. Click Network Settings.
  4. Click Wireless Settings.
  5. Use a USB cable if there is an available port on the printer to install it.

The above steps may require you to install the printer from scratch, but it has been found to work. So, it may be a good idea to give this a try if other steps fail to rectify the problem.