Solution To Delzip179.dll Errors

Delzip179.dll is associated with Spybot Search & Destroy (S&D) spyware and adware removal tool. Spybot-S&D scans your hard disk and/or RAM and can identify malicious programs commonly missed by antivirus programs. S&D uses delzip179.dll to make recovery zip files.

In this article, we will focus our discussion to common errors and issues associated with this dll file.

Error 1

You may receive the following error while downloading updates:

“Failed to load Delzip179.dll”


To fix the issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Spybot – Search & Destroy
  3. Delete the Includes and Updates folder.
  4. Download all detection files using the update function.

In case you are unable to resolve the issue using the above steps, uninstall Spybot-S&D using either the Spybot uninstaller tool, or the Windows built-in uninstaller tool, Add or Remove Programs. Next, restart Windows, and then reinstall it.

Error 2

You receive the following error message:

“Failed to load C:\Program Files\Spybot – Search _Destroy\DelZip179.dll”


The above-mentioned error occurs when the dll file is broken or missing from your hard disk. Although you can work around this error by clicking OK until the pop-up dialog box disappears, it is recommended that you address the root cause of this error and fix it permanently. The most effective way of removing this error message from your screen is by upgrading your Spybot S&D software to the latest version. Remember to uninstall your previous version of Spybot S&D before installing the latest version of this software.

Issue 1

S&D takes a long time to load.


This was a common issue with previous versions of Spybot. However, a hotfix is available for this issue. You can either download the available hotfix, or upgrade your Spybot to a newer version.

Issue 2

“Delzip179.dll missing error” occurs when you boot Windows.

To fix the issue, download the dll file from a reliable online DLL library and register it. To register the dll file, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Run.
  3. In the Open dialog box, type regsvr32 delzip179.dll, and then press Enter.