Solution to ‘mrvgina.dll disables Fast User Switching’ Problem

The mrvgina.dll file is a Wireless Client Component used by Netgear products for establishing remote desktop connections.

Although an essential process, mrvgina.dll is known to cause certain issues. The most common issue is that the file disables the Windows welcome screen and Fast User Switching, an inbuilt feature in Windows that allows users to login with a different user account without closing running programs and files.  In this article, we will discuss how you can permanently resolve this problem, as well as other common issues caused by this DLL file.


You may experience one or more of the following issues pertaining to this DLL file:

  1. The DLL file disables the Windows Welcome screen and Fast User Switching. When you try to re-enable Fast User Switching, you receive the following error:"A recently installed program has disabled the welcome screen and Fast User Switching. To restore these features, you must uninstall the program. The following file name might help you identify the program that made the change: MRVGINA.DLL"
  2. After you install a new driver, the following error appears on your screen:“Cannot find MrvGINA.dll. Contact administrator”
  3. An error message similar to the one listed below flashes on your screen when you try to establish a Remote Desktop Connection.“MrvGINA.dll is incompatible”

All the above problems have the same solution. Before we unveil that, it is essential to discuss what you shouldn’t do when you experience the above error(s).

What You Should Not Do

An instinctive reaction when you encounter errors such as the ones listed above is to delete the associated driver and reinstall it. However, in this case, that would be a mistake. Deleting your driver and reinstalling it will only make matters worse. Avoid it and instead, follow the resolution method discussed below to permanently resolve the issue.


Warning: The steps discussed here require you to edit the registry. Editing the registry incorrectly can seriously harm your computer. We recommend you follow the steps exactly as they are shown. Also, make registry backups before editing the registry. You can do this manually or by using an advanced registry maintenance tool.

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Run.
  3. In the Open box, type regedit and then press Enter.
  4. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/Current version/WINLOGON
  5. Locate and delete the key named GINA.dll.
  6. Click Start.
  7. Click Control Panel.
  8. Double-click User Accounts.
  9. Select Change the Way Users Logon and Logoff.
  10. Enable the Fast User Switching option.
  11. Click OK to save your preferences.
  12. Restart Windows.