Sdfix.exe – How it Works and Common Errors

What is Sdfix.exe?

Sdfix.exe is a program that is used to remove viruses, trojans and worms from a computer. This program was developed and distributed by Andy Manchesta’s Security Software Company, which provides free security tools and software.

How does Sdfix.exe Work?

Unlike regular antivirus programs that are often bulky and need to be installed, sdfix.exe is a small utility and does not have to be installed on a system. It just needs to be downloaded, and once that is done, the program can be run directly. This utility is embedded with the signatures of the newest and most common viruses and Trojans in the form of a database.

What are the Operating Systems that Run Sdfix.exe?

The only two operating systems which run this utility are –

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000

It is not compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 7, and no updates of the utility were released for these future operating systems.

Where Should the Sdfix.exe File be Run?

This utility is designed to run only in the pure OS environment, which is in safe mode in Windows. Running this in the normal mode doesn’t remove any viruses.

How does the Sdfix.exe File Work?

Double click on the file after downloading it from the internet, to extract files into the %systemdrive%\Sdfix\ folder. Here, systemdrive is the drive where Windows is installed. This folder is usually C:. The extracted files contain two important files, and they are –

  • RunThis.bat
  • Catchme.exe

After the files are extracted, follow these steps to run this utility –

  1. Close all the programs and restart your system
  2. Keep holding the F8 key when the system is starting up
  3. Select the Safe Mode option from the list of options
  4. In Safe Mode, browse to the C:\Sdfix and double click on the RunThis.bat file
  5. A DOS window will appear with a disclaimer. Press Y for Yes to continue
  6. A series of tests will run on the system and the process will take around 20 minutes
  7. After this is done, the system will be restarted; if it doesn’t, you can manually close this by pressing F
  8. When the system reboots, it finally runs the Catchme.exe automatically as a final check
  9. Once done, you will be prompted to press a key
  10. The system will now reboot, and the report of the complete test will be shown in Notepad

The report will give a complete list of files affected and removed by the Sdfix.exe utility.

Common Errors While Running the Sdfix.exe Utility

  • Command prompt is disabled by your Administrator
    To run this utility, you should log in as an administrator. If you are not the administrator, you can follow these steps – 

    1. Click on Start and then in the Run dialog box, type:
    2. %systemdrive%\SDFix\apps\swreg IMPORT %systemdrive%\SDFix\apps\Enable_Command_Prompt.reg

    3. Now, run Runthis.bat.
  • If the Command prompt windows flashes and goes off

    1. In the Run dialog box, type:
    2. %systemroot%\system32\cmd.exe /K %systemdrive%\SDFix\apps\FixPath.exe

    3. Run the Runthis.bat utility.

    This is a very old and outdated utility, so it is better that you install one of the latest editions of a good antivirus.