Resolving A Printer-Related Windows XP Driver Error

Drivers are software programs that help the operating system and other applications on it communicate with various hardware and peripheral devices, such as a CD-Rom drive, printer, keyboard, or mouse, connected to the system.

Driver related errors usually occur due to conflicts that arise when a required resource is missing or busy, the code of the driver has bugs, there are corrupt or incorrect registry entries, or the driver is incompatible.

In this article, we are going to discuss steps to troubleshoot and resolve some common printer-related Windows XP driver errors.

Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

This printer-related XP driver error is displayed when you attempt to open My Network Places in the Windows Explorer of your Windows XP Home system.

This error usually occurs when you attempt to share the Canon MultiPass F30 or F50 printer over the network. The older driver version of these printers does not support printer sharing for Windows XP and therefore, fails to load.

To resolve this issue, you will have to go to the printer manufacturer’s website, search for and download the updated driver, and install the driver on your system.

This program has encountered an error and will close.

Error Details (Displayed when you click the ‘To see what data this error report contains click here’ link.)

This application is unable to continue running due to an internal error. (6-40028--1073741819)

Error Signature

AppName: Streets.exe AppVer: ModName: <module_Name>
ModVersion: Offset:0001bd57

Here, module_Name may display RIC516U.DLL, HPOUIP07.DLL, PRNUI301.DLL, HPZPM309.dll, MGXLUI_1.DLL, HPZNTP05.DLL, NTDLL.DLL, or RIC616U.DLL file.

This printer-related XP driver error is usually displayed when you try to start Microsoft MapPoint or Microsoft Streets & Trips applications on your Windows XP system. The problem is caused if you have:

  1. Canon MultiPass multifunction device, Canon c530-series, or Canon Bubble Jet printer installed on your system.
  2. Minolta DiALTA pi3500-series or QMS Magicolor 3100-series printer installed on your system.
  3. FaxTalk Communicator program installed on your PC and your default printer is set to use one of the Ricoh AP 1600, PCL5, or PCL6 printer drivers.
  4. HP printer installed over the network and the printer is either turned off or disconnected from the network.

To resolve the issue of HP network printer, check printer connections, restart the computer on which it is configured, and turn on the printer.

To resolve issues related to other printers, you will have to update the related printer and fax drivers. For this, visit the printer manufacturer’s website, download the updated driver, and install it on your system.

To work around the problem and open Microsoft Streets & Trips or Microsoft MapPoint applications, you will have to remove the printer from your system. To do this, search for the prnui301.dll and rename it prnui301.old.

Spoolsv.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

This error usually occurs when you have a Canon MultiPass printer installed on your Windows XP system.

The main cause of this error is that the driver used to run the Canon MultiPass printer is not compatible with your operating system and does not load. To resolve this issue, you will have to visit the Canon website and search for, download, and install the updated and compatible driver on your system.

The main causes for a printer-related XP driver error are outdated or incompatible drivers. The best way to resolve and win the war with these errors is to download an updated and compatible driver from the manufacturer’s website and install it on your system. Many times, driver files may get damaged or corrupted due to virus attacks or registry problems. Therefore, as a preventive measure, you must keep your PC updated with the latest security updates and ensure that your antivirus software is up-to-date with the latest virus definitions. To prevent registry problems, you may opt to use a registry cleaner utility to regularly scan and repair registry errors.