Resolving Invalid Backweb Application, ID 137903 Error

HP partnered with BackWeb Technologies to develop the HP or Compaq Connections client software service. This service is designed to provide HP and Compaq users with information related to support, tips, and special offers on products and services that help in enhancing your PC experience. The HP or Compaq Connections software comes pre-installed with almost all HP and Compaq computers and gets enabled as soon you turn on your computer for the first time and connect it to the Internet. Once enabled, the software delivers information that is specific to the model of Compaq PC you own. These messages are delivered only when there is some free bandwidth available on your Internet connection, ensuring that your Internet experience is not slowed down. You usually get 1-3 messages in a month and they are displayed automatically on your desktop. You can view these messages as soon as they appear or wait until you have more time to view them.

Compaq Connections software is safe to use and does not access, collect, or store your personal information to deliver the messages to your computer. This software works on the basis of the limited information it has about your HP or Compaq computer and delivers information relevant to it.

The following error messages related to the BackWeb Compaq connection software may be displayed on your computer screen:

Error Message: “Invalid Back Web application id 137903

Error Message: “Invalid Back Web application id 194057

These error messages are displayed when a spyware application running on your PC mistakes the updates from the Compaq connection software as adware or spyware and incorrectly removes them from the system. This action usually removes only part of the software from your PC and thus, the error is displayed when you restart your system and the Compaq Connections software fails to load correctly.

Note: It is incorrect to remove Compaq Connections software using a spyware application. If you no longer want to use it, you must use the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel applet to legitimately remove the software from the PC.

In case the software is incorrectly removed by a spyware application, you can reinstall it on your system by performing system recovery.

Warning: When you perform system recovery, some files existing in the My Documents folder may be removed or moved. Therefore, it is recommended that you take a backup these files before proceeding with the System Recovery. Moreover, you will have to reinstall all the software, service packs, drivers, and updates that were not originally shipped with the  PC. You will also have to reconfigure your Internet Connection and other PC settings after the process completes.

To perform System Recovery and restore the Compaq Connections software, perform the following steps:

  1. Disconnect all additional peripheral devices from the computer. You must NOT disconnect monitor, power cable, mouse and keyboard in the process.
  2. Restart your PC and after the logo screen appears, press F10 repeatedly.
  3. When prompted, click Next.
  4. Follow the screen instructions to recover your HP or Compaq computer.
  5. After the system recovery is complete, change the settings of your spyware software to ignore updates from HP or Compaq Connections software.