Resolve Windows Vista USB Detection Issues

On a Windows Vista computer, you may face problems while connecting USB and other external devices to the system. The Windows Vista system may not be able to find and install the drivers for these devices when you connect them. An error message similar to the one given below may display:

“No driver found for you device”

Even the pre-installed OEM drivers may fail to display and you may not be able to manually install the drivers.

Cause of the Error

Windows Vista USB detection issues and problems while installing other external drives usually occur if the INFCACHE.1 file is corrupt.

The INFCACHE.1 file is used by your Windows Vista system to store information about where drivers and their INF files are located on the system. This is a hidden file and is located in the C:\Windows\Inf folder. Where, C represents the system drive of your computer.

Resolution Method

To resolve this error message, you will have to delete the INCACHE.1 file from the system. When you do this, Windows Vista will rebuild this file the next time your system performs a search for drivers.

Let us now have a look at the steps to delete the file:

Step 1: Provide your user account rights to delete the file.

  1. Login to your computer with administrative rights to the system.
  2. Open Windows Explorer window.
  3. Change the settings to display hidden files and folders.
  4. Navigate to the “C:\windows\inf” folder.
  5. Right-click on the INFCACHE.1 file, and then select Properties.
  6. Display the Security tab in the properties dialog box.
  7. To modify the file permissions, click the Edit button.
  8. Next, to add users click the Add to button.
  9. In the Users Groups field, type Administrators or the user account that you use to log on the system and then click OK.
  10. Provide full control rights to the Administrators group or your user account.

Step 2: Rename the INFCACHE.1 file.

  1. Right-click on the INFCACHE.1 file and select Rename.
  2. Change the file name to say INFCACHE.1.old and then press Enter.
  3. Copy the file to some other location.

Step 3: Rebuild the INFCACHE.1 file.

Install an external device on the system to rebuild the INFCACHE.1 file. It is recommended that you do not use the device that generated the error on the system. Try to use some other device to rebuild the file.

Note: This error may occur multiple times on your Windows Vista computer. Performing the above steps each time may help you resolve the issue.

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