Resolve STLang.dll Error

The stlang.dll file belongs to the SigmaTel C-Major Audio driver. In this article we will discuss how to resolve a common stlang.dll error. We will also look at the tips you can follow to prevent the frequent occurrence of DLL errors on your computer.

Stlang.dll error

When you start your computer, you may receive an error message similar to the one displayed below:

"The procedure entry point LocalizeString could not be located in the dynamic link library STLang.dll"

When you click the Ok button in the error message box, another error message pops up on your screen:

"Sigmatel audio tray application has stopped working."

Workaround Solution

If you don’t use 5.1 audio, you can workaround this error by uninstalling the Sigmatel driver.

When you reboot your computer after uninstalling the Sigmatel driver, Windows installs a generic driver called on by Microsoft that works fine and you will no longer receive the above error.

To uninstall the Sigmatel driver, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Start, right-click My Computer and then click Properties.
  2. Next, click the Hardware tab in the System Properties dialog box.
  3. Now, click the Device Manager button to open the Device Manager window.
  4. Here, expand Sound, video and game controllers.
  5. Double-click Sigmatel High Definition Audio Codec and then click the Driver tab.
  6. Click Uninstall and clear the box before Delete the driver software from the system.
  7. Restart your computer.

When you restart your computer the error will not appear.

Tips to prevent common DLL errors

Listed below are tips that you can follow to prevent DLL errors from occurring:

Update your Windows, driver, and software files

A lot of DLL errors occur due to the use of outdated files. This is why to minimize the occurrence of DLL errors, regularly update your Windows operating system, drivers, and software files. To update Windows and other Microsoft related software, you just need to ensure that the Automatic Update feature is enabled on your PC. You can also automate the driver update process by using a reliable driver scanner tool such as Driver Finder.

For third-party software, you may use the update feature that comes built in the software (if it is available) or download updates from the software manufacturer’s website.

Perform regular malware scans

Another common cause of DLL errors is malware infection. Keeping your PC protected from malware not only helps in preventing DLL errors, but also ensures that your personal data is not compromised.

To do this, you must install robust firewall and antimalware programs on your computer. To keep your computer safe from the latest malware, regularly update your security software with the latest malware definitions and security updates.

Perform regular registry scans

The registry is the backbone of a Windows computer. That is why you may face recurring issues, including DLL errors if your registry is corrupt or damaged. Regularly clean your registry using a reliable registry cleaning utility, such as RegServe to keep your registry in good health. A healthy registry is good for your computer’s performance and also helps in preventing DLL errors from occurring due to registry issues.