Resolve Shlwapi.dll Error

Shlwapi.dll – File Information

Shlwapi.dll is a Microsoft signed file that belongs to the Windows Shell program. The shlwapi.dll file stores functions for color settings, registry settings, and URL paths.

The most common size of this file is 339 KB. The shlwapi.dll file is known to be statically linked to the following files:


Being statically linked means that every time shlwapi.dll is loaded the above listed files are automatically loaded on the system. In case any of the above files becomes corrupt or is missing, shlwapi.dll will not load.

By default, shlwapi.dll file is located in %system% folder.

Note: %system% is a variable, which points to your System folder. The default path of system folder in Windows XP/Vista is C:\Windows\System32, for Windows NT/2000 the path is C:\Windows\System, and for Windows 95/98/ME it is C:\Windows\System.

Shlwapi.dll Error

When you start your computer, you may receive the following error message:

“The shlwapi.dll file is missing”

To resolve this shlwapi.dll error, replace the existing shlwapi.dll file.

When you receive the above error, first determine if the shlwapi.dll is present on your computer or not. If you find shlwapi.dll is present, rename the file.

To rename the shlwapi.dll file on a Windows XP computer, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Start and then select Search.
  2. Next, click All files and folders.
  3. Type shlwapi.dll in the All or part of the filename box and select Local Hard Drives from the Look in drop-down menu.
  4. Next, click the Search button. The search results will appear in the right pane.
  5. Right-click shlwapi.dll, click Rename, and change the filename to shlwapi.old.dll.

After you have renamed the shlwapi.dll file, download a new copy of the shlwapi.dll file from a free, reliable, and trustworthy online DLL Directory. Save the file in your System folder and restart your computer.

In case you didn’t find the shlwapi.dll on your computer in the first place, then to rectify the error, download a copy of the shlwapi.dll file from a reliable online directory, save the file in your System folder, and reboot your computer.

Often, shlwapi.dll errors are a result of a malware infection. Malware programs, such as rootkits, worms, and viruses are known to alter the contents of DLL files, such as the shlwapi.dll. When a program calls upon the infected shlwapi.dll file, a DLL error is generated.

To fix shlwapi.dll and other DLL errors that are being caused by malware, perform a malware scan on your entire computer using robust antimalware tools, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease. Further, to prevent malware programs from breaching your system’s security in the future, regularly update your protective software with the latest malware definitions.

Last, but not least, maintain a healthy and clean Windows registry. The registry, besides storing other important information, also stores entries related to DLL files, such as shlwapi.dll. In case your registry becomes damaged or corrupt, you may receive recurring shlwapi.dll errors. To clean your registry, perform regular registry scans using a reliable registry cleaning tool, such as RegServe.