Resolve runtime error 80004005

When you start Microsoft Word 2000 Standard Edition (SE), you may encounter the following error:

“Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Error 2147467259 {80004005} Automation Error”

Cause of the Error

The above error may occur if you have installed the Hewlett-Packard Scan Picture utility on your computer.

Resolution Methods

To resolve the runtime error 80004005, you may use either of the following methods:

Method 1 – Rename the and files

To rename the and files in the Office Startup folder, perform the steps shown below:

  1. Double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop.
  2. Next, navigate to the following folder

         C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\Startup

  1. Click the Tools menu and then click Folder Options.
  2. In the Folder Options dialog box, click the View tab.
  3. Under the Hidden files and folders option, clear the checkbox before Hide extensions for known file types.
  4. Click Apply and then click OK.
  5. Next, in the Office Startup folder, locate and right-click and then click Rename.
  6. Type Hpssp1wa.bat and press Enter to rename the file.
  7. Next, locate and right-click and click Rename.
  8. Type Mwobmn97.bat and press Enter.

Method 2 – Rename the HP Scan Picture document templates

To achieve this, perform the steps that are illustrated below:

  1. Click Start and then click Search.
  2. Next, click the All files and folders option.
  3. Type hp*.dot in the All or part of the file name box.
  4. Select Local Hard Drives in the Look in drop-down list.
  5. Click the Tools menu and then click Folder Options.
  6. Click the View tab and clear the checkbox before Hide extensions for known file types.
  7. Click the Search button.
  8. Next right-click each file that appears in the right-pane and click Rename and change the extensions of all files to .bat.

You may also experience runtime error 80004005, if malware programs are present on your computer or if your system’s registry is corrupt or damaged. Malware programs, such as virus, rootkits, and worms are known to corrupt files and cause runtime errors. If you suspect the cause of recurring runtime errors on your Windows computer is malware infection, run a malware scan on your entire computer using advanced antimalware tools, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease.

Besides malware infection, a corrupt or damaged registry is another major cause of runtime errors. To fix runtime errors occurring due to registry issues, perform a registry scan using reliable and efficient registry cleaning software, such as RegServe to remove corrupt, invalid, and harmful registry entries.

It is best to make it a habit to perform regular malware and registry scans to minimize the occurrence of various errors, including runtime errors on your Windows computer.