Resolve Issues Related to wmiprvse.exe

What is wmpirvse.exe?

It is an executable file residing in the system32 folder of a Microsoft Windows computer. The file is an important component of Windows and a part of Windows Management Instrumentation process. Windows Management Instrumentation plays an important role in managing the local machine as well as remote computer.

The default location of the file is in the subfolder “wbem” in the system32 folder in Windows.  The executable file is not generally required while booting of a Windows computer and it is entirely the user’s decision to run it during startup, or start it when required.

Wmpirvse.exe is a system background process, which is not related to any application that users may launch after booting their Windows system. You will notice the presence of this process when you check the list of currently running processes in Windows Task Manager.

Can wmpirvse.exe be a malware?

Yes, there is a possibility that some malware can create a file with this name to disguise itself as a system file.  The best way to know the genuine nature of executable file is by checking the properties of file.

  • First, the path of the genuine file is “C:/Windows/System32/wbem/wmiprvse.exe”.
  • Second, the size of the file should be around 218112 bytes.

If the executable file is located in any other location besides the location mentioned above, then possibly your system is infected with virus or Trojan and it is necessary that you scan your system with a good anti malware utility to get rid of infection.

Why wmpirvse.exe is important for Windows Operating System?

Microsoft made several changes in working of Windows Management Instrumentation in Windows XP and operating systems such as Windows Vista that followed XP. The major change incorporated in WMI was that it was introduced in shared service host along with other services. The wmpirvse.exe process is loaded independently, and it handles the providers. It is a normal to find occurrence of more than one of this process running on your system. A separate process is initiated by Windows Operating System for NetworkService, LocalSystem or LocalService. This improves the stability of the system, as the system will not crash if one of the wmpirvse.exe or WMI components encounters any error.

What to do when the process shows high CPU utilization?

One of the complaints computer users have regarding this executable file is that it hogs 99% of the CPU power causing other application to crash.  Some of the reasons of high CPU utilization are:

  • The user has recently installed Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3).
  • One of the file listed in startup location has multiple non-English languages.
  • The current user locale of the system does not match with any languages used in files that is listed in startup location

Microsoft has noted this issue and has provided a solution for it. To implement it, open this Microsoft Knowledgebase page and download the SMS2003-SP3-KB937882-X86-ENU.exe file given here. Install this file on your computer to resolve the error.

The wmpirvse.exe file is an important component of Windows as it also plays an important role in handling security of remote systems. Microsoft provides updates to Windows users to rectify the high CPU utilization issue. This is why, it is essential for all Windows users to regularly download and install all essential Windows updates on regular basis.