Repair Your MCI32.ocx Error

OLE Custom Control (OCX)

OCX is a software module that is based on Microsoft’s Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) and Component Object Model (COM) technologies. OCX modules are called by applications to produce a control that adds a desired feature to them. The main benefit of OCX technology is its portability across different platforms and capability to function on both 16-bit and 32-bit platforms. OCX technology was introduced as an improvement to an already existing Visual Basic control and is the basis of the more popular ActiveX controls.

Media Control Interface (MCI)

MCI is a part of the Windows Application Programming Interface (API) and is used to enable programs to control multimedia devices such as CD-ROM drives installed on your PC. Use of MCI makes it easy to develop programs that can play many different types of media files. MCI can also be used by programs to record sound by passing commands to it as strings. In Windows, MCI performs multimedia control with the help of the MCI32.ocx file.

MCI32.OCX Repair

Due to its use in different programs that need to play media files, any problems with the MCI32.ocx file can generate errors on your PC. The most common MCI32.ocx error occurs when the MCI32.ocx gets corrupted or if it is not registered properly in the registry. In any of these situations, if you try to run a program using the MCI32.ocx file, then you may get an error similar to the one displayed below.

Runtime Error 329: Component MCI32.OCX or dependencies not correct or registered. A file is missing or invalid.

The easiest method to restore the file and perform MCI32.ocx repair would be to reinstall the program that has caused the error. Reinstalling the program will replace the MIC32.ocx file and reregister the file in the registry.

If reinstallation does not repair MCI32.ocx problems, then check to see if the file is placed in the correct folder. In Windows XP systems, the correct location of the file is ‘C:\windows\system32\MCI32.OCX’. In case the file is not here, then run the installer again to restore the file. Also, run a search on the system to check if the file is placed in some other location. If this does not solve the problem, then search for and download the file from the Internet and copy it to the correct location.

If you are receiving the error even if the file is appropriately placed, then you might need to manually register the file in the registry to perform MCI32.ocx repair. To manually register the file, open the ‘Start’ menu and select ‘Run’. Next, type ‘regsvr32.exe C:\windows\system32\MCI32.OCX’ and click ‘OK’ to register the file.

Note: Replace ‘C’ with the drive letter in which Windows is installed.

MCI32.ocx file used to perform MCI control in Windows systems. If this file is corrupt or not registered properly, it can cause runtime errors in the applications using the file. To perform MCI32.ocx repair, you may either need to reinstall the application accessing the file or reregister the file on the system. To prevent registry related errors from occurring on your system, you must try to keep your registry free from obsolete and invalid information. Unnecessary information can increase errors on your system and render it useless. Therefore, it is always a good idea to download a good registry cleaner software from the Internet. Registry cleaner software enables you to easily and efficiently scan the registry for invalid and corrupt entries and fix them to keep your registry healthy and in good working condition.