Removing Nero In Vista

Problems Running Nero on Windows Vista

Many users report Nero-related problems when they upgrade their operating system from Windows XP to Windows Vista. This usually happens because not all versions of Nero, even Nero 7, are compatible with Windows Vista. Users report problems not only while working with Nero, but also when they are removing Nero in Vista using the Add or Remove Programs feature. In addition to incompatible Nero versions, you may want to remove Nero, which is an optical disc authoring program, if:

  • Its current files get damaged during the upgrade.
  • You want to update Nero to the latest Nero version.
  • You want to use some other optical disc authoring program that provides you more features on Windows Vista.

Methods to Perform Nero Uninstall on Windows Vista

If you are unable to remove the software using Add or Remove Programs, then for removing Nero you can use either the Nero Uninstall Tool or a Windows Cleanup Tool.

Nero Uninstall Tool

To help users completely remove Nero software from their computers, Nero has released a number of uninstall tools that you can download from their website. You can download tools to remove different Nero versions, including Nero 5, Nero 6, and Nero 7.

Nero provides you with many different tools to help you ensure complete removal of the software from your computer. For instance, on the Nero 7 removal page, you will find the General CleanTool, Registry Checker and Driver CleanTool, InCD CleanTool, Nero 7 Clean Tool, and NeroVision Express CleanTool.

Using the General CleanTool you can uninstall any Nero software from your computer. When you run this tool you can also remove all related Nero plug-ins from the system. The Registry Checker and Driver CleanTool, as the name suggests, help you get rid of Nero driver files and registry entries. The InCD CleanTool, Nero 7 Clean Tool, and NeroVision Express CleanTool help you remove InCd, Nero 7 and NeroVision Express software from your system, respectively.

Windows Cleanup Tool

If you are unable to remove Nero with the help of the removal tools, you must use a Windows cleanup tool to do the task. Windows cleanup tools are designed to scan your Windows system for corrupt and faulty installations and help you remove them. While working with Windows Vista, you must ensure that the cleanup tool you select is compatible with the operating system. Remember that an incompatible cleanup tool can cause more harm than good on your PC.

After you have removed all Nero programs from your PC, it is recommended that you use a registry cleaner tool, such as RegServe, to scan the registry of your Vista computer for any left over registry entries. This is important because these registry entries will not only increase the size of the registry unnecessarily, but may also prevent you from installing the upgraded version of Nero on your system.

After you have ensured that all Nero registry entries have been deleted, search your system for any Nero files and folders existing on the hard disk. Check the results and delete all files and folders you do not need. After you have uninstalled the older version of Nero from your computer, you can install the latest Nero version and start using it.