Registry Repair Pro Review

Cleaning the registry is a vital part of your regular Windows PC maintenance activity. The registry holds all hardware, and software configuration information of your Windows system. It also holds user information such as username, passwords, and user preferences. Over time, the registry gets filled up with unwanted entries and values that can give rise to numerous problems on your PC. Although most of the registry problems are benign, if they increase in number they can generate a number of critical errors on your system. Therefore, fixing registry errors helps you improve system performance, Internet access performance, and also speed up system startup and shutdown processes.

You can manually scan the registry for errors and delete them using the regedit.exe and reg.exe programs. However, manual cleaning is a complicated and tedious process. Additionally, the chances of deleting an important key in the registry are also high.

Registry Repair Pro

To keep yourself on the safe side, you can download a registry cleaner program from the Internet and simplify your task. For instance, you can use the Registry Repair Pro registry cleaner software to safely and efficiently scan the Windows registry for incorrect, invalid, and outdated data. The software enables you to fix the registry and considerably improve the performance of your PC. It also helps you make your Windows system more stable and reliable.


The interface of the Registry Repair Pro software is user-friendly, which further simplifies the registry scanning process. The software is designed to enable you to perform registry maintenance in just a single click. After the scan is complete, all the detected errors are categorically displayed on the screen. The software can scan errors caused due to viruses, Trojans, malicious code, and improperly installed applications. You can customize the scan to focus on a specific registry key, string or value. While running a registry scan using this software, you can also choose to exclude certain folders and files from the scan list.

You can also backup the registry before making any changes. This enables you to easily restore the changes if required. The software is easy to install and even a novice user can install the software without any problems.


One of the drawbacks of the current version of Registry Repair Pro is that its error message does not display error quantities beyond three digits. For instance, if the software detects 1500 errors, the program will report 500 errors.

Registry Repair Pro does not enable you to schedule your scan. Therefore, if you forget to scan on time, your registry might still be at risk even if you own a registry cleaner program. Additionally, the software lacks the defrag feature that helps you compact and re-index the registry. Help included in the software is not comprehensive and just provides a How-to guide that is not very useful.

The program does not categorizes the detected errors based on severity, due to which it is difficult for a new user to decide which errors to delete and which to keep.

Registry scanning is an important PC maintenance activity. Remember that a registry full of errors can make your system unstable and cause frequent system freezes. Registry Repair Pro enables you to safely scan the registry for potential problems and helps you remove them with a single mouse click. The software, however, lacks a few features such as correct error reporting, comprehensive help documentation, and severity rankings that, if included, could make the software more user-friendly.