Pros and Cons of Registry Defender

As your PC gets older its performance starts deteriorating and errors start showing up every now and then. And the time when your PC was new and performed excellently is a long forgotten dream.

A corrupt and damaged registry is one of the main culprits behind deteriorating system performance. The registry is a central database repository where your Windows XP system stores system hardware and software information. Every time you perform an activity such as install/uninstall software, open applications or files, browse the Internet, or even change the size of a window, many entries make their way into the registry. Many of these entries stay put even after they are no longer needed. Due to this, loads of junk gets collected within the registry causing corruption and fragmentation. This leads to a considerable increase in system crashes, error generation, and performance reduction.

Registry Defender

To restore the registry to a healthy state and improve the system performance, you need to remove unwanted and obsolete entries from the registry. But don’t worry! Help is just a click away. Download Registry Defender software from the Internet!

Registry Defender helps you easily and efficiently clean and repair the system registry, and optimize system performance.

There are many benefits of having a clean registry. Quick system startups, reduced system errors and crashes, and riddance from unwanted clutter are just a few of them.

Registry Defender is a registry cleaner program that helps you revitalize your PC to bring back the experience of a new computer. To check its performance download a free trial, fix 20 errors for no cost and feel the difference.

Benefits of Registry Defender

The interface of the new Registry Defender 2007 version is user-friendly and enables you to perform one-click registry scan and repair. You can easily scan the registry for errors such as shared DLLs, invalid entries, and corrupt entries added by malware, such as viruses, Trojans, spyware, and ad-aware.

The Defense-Scan technology used in Registry Defender makes this program a pro among other registry cleaner programs available on the Internet. The Defense-scan technology goes deep into your registry and scans 10 different parts to find errors.

To ensure safety of the registry, the Registry Defender program automatically creates a backup before making any changes to it.

As you continue to work on your PC and install different applications on it, certain programs get added to the system startup. These programs load automatically whenever you start your system. These programs eat up system resources thereby deteriorate system speed and performance. Registry Defender offers advanced settings that you can use to configure and manage startup applications.

To ensure that you regularly scan your system, the software comes with a schedule system that helps you easily schedule periodic registry scans.

Drawbacks of Registry Defender

Registry Defender does not allow you to group different registry problems by type. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for you to scan all types of registry problems in one go.

The registry is an integral part of all Windows operating systems and plays a primary role in their normal functioning. To ensure optimal system performance and prevent system crashes and errors, it is important that you keep your registry error free. Registry Defender can help you achieve this goal with just a click of your mouse. User-friendly interface and defense-scan technology makes Registry Defender a popular registry cleaner software. You can use Registry Defender to make it easy for you to identify registry problems and fix them.