Problems in your Registry? Aid is Just A Few Clicks Away!

Need For Registry Aid

The registry is a very important part of the Windows operating system. It is a central repository of all configuration information related to hardware and software installed on the system. Any activity that you perform on your PC, be it browsing the Internet, using a database application, or even resizing a window, makes an entry in the registry.

Most of these entries are removed after the activity is complete or when you uninstall an application. However, many times, some entries get left behind or leave vacant spaces inside the registry hive. This leads to unwarranted growth of the registry and also causes fragmentation. Uncontrolled registry growth and fragmentation can corrupt the registry and lead to the rapid downfall of your PC’s performance. To save your PC from this situation, you need a registry aid that enables you to effortlessly scan the registry for errors and remove them to restore it to a healthy working state.


RegServe, as the name suggests, is a registry cleaner software that understands your need for a healthy registry and provides you with a number of options to help you clean and repair the registry. The software is easily available over the Internet through a simple download.

Using RegServe, you can scan the registry for errors caused by invalid file and folder references, fonts, application paths, shared DLL and program references, and file associations. The software also enables you to scan for outdated Start Menu items and unused software entries.

Using the options available in the software, you can easily defragment the registry at the click of a button. If required, you can also perform a search for several strings in the registry at the same time. You can create snapshots of the registry at a particular time and use these snapshots to restore the registry if it gets corrupt or damaged. Using the RegServe software, you can also review invalid key references to folders, create full registry backups, and search for modified registry entries in backup files.

The software provides options to save the list of invalid files found during the scan as a text file and also provides an option to print the list. Additionally, just to be sure that you regularly scan the registry, you can schedule periodic registry scans.

The Platinum version of the RegServe software includes additional features that enable you to control autorun programs, Internet Explorer menus, toolbars, and Browser Helper Objects (BHO) objects, and the Open With…option.

The best thing about the RegServe software is that it helps you build customized searches, which enable you to search for specific entries in the registry. Additionally, you can also make backups of specific portions or keys of the registry and restore them if required.

A healthy registry is very important to ensure optimal performance of your system. A Number of tools are available today to provide you with registry aid. RegServe is one such tool that you can use to run comprehensive or customized scans on the registry, defragment the registry, and take regular snapshots of the registry. The software also provides you with various options to backup and restore the registry, which enables you to undo a change if it affects the system. Using the RegServe software, you can easily keep your PC free off registry-related errors and enhance your computing experience.