Pocket PC Registry Editor

What is a Pocket PC?

A Pocket PC is a small handheld computer device that enables you to perform such tasks as sending and receiving e-mails, storing contacts and appointments, playing multimedia files and games, chatting using MSN Messenger, browsing the Internet, and more. Pocket PC runs different versions of Windows CE operating systems.

The kernel of Windows CE is quite different from other Microsoft desktop operating systems such as Windows XP. In fact, it is quite a trimmed down version of the desktop operating system, and supports Intel x86 and its compatible devices.

Windows CE comes loaded with security features that help you keep your device safe from malicious applications. For example, you can configure username and password authentication methods to prevent unauthorized access to the registry. The software also provides a protected store that helps in keeping your data safe when the device is offline.

Windows CE Registry

The system registry of the Windows CE operating system is used to store information in a hierarchal database. This information is used by applications to perform various tasks.

Just like a desktop registry, you can use a registry editor to edit the registry of Windows CE to modify the functioning of applications and tweak the OS to work according to your requirements. Quite a few third-party registry editors are available on the Internet for download and can be used to edit and tweak the Windows CE registry. Among these, PHM Registry Editor is one of the most popular.

Registry Editor for Pocket PCs

You can use PHM Registry Editor, version 7.1 on Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, and Windows Mobile 5.0. PHM Registry comes fully loaded with features that give you command over the registry of your Pocket PC.

Discussed below are some of the major features of the PHM Registry Editor:

View Registry Keys

When you open the Pocket PC registry using the PHM registry editor, you can view a list of folders, with each folder representing a predefined registry key in the Windows CE registry. The keys displayed are HKEY_USERS, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. Different subkeys and values are stored in each key.

Search for Keys and Values

Using the software, you can easily search for various keys and values in the registry and modify them according to your requirements. You can use the tool to check the configuration information of the operating system and various applications stored on it.

Backup and Restore Registry

The best thing about the software, is that it enables you to easily backup and restore the registry. As you know, a healthy registry is very important for the functioning of any Windows system, so you must always create a backup before making any changes to it.

Export Registry

The powerful PHM Registry Editor enables you to export registry keys to .reg files. However, the software does not enable you to import registry keys into the registry.

Cut, Copy and Paste Values

You can also cut and paste registry values to other registry keys and applications. By using this feature, making changes to the registry becomes quite simple.

Just like the Windows XP registry, you can edit the Windows CE registry in order to tweak and modify certain system and application settings. PHM Registry Editor is one of the most popular registry editors available on the Internet today. It has raving user reviews and enables you to perform tasks that are not possible using many other registry editors. However, prior to making any changes to the registry of your Pocket PC, always remember to create a registry backup.