Methods to Uninstall Norton Products

What are the problems associated with Norton products?

Thousands of computer users hunt the Web to find a solution to completely uninstall Norton products from their computers. There are a number of reasons that forces them to seek external help.

The first, and most common reason, is that almost all Norton products display conflicts when you try to upgrade existing versions or install some other Norton products.

Second, most of the uninstallers included in various Norton products fail to completely remove all registry entries and system files during the removal process. The main reason behind the failure may be the large number of entries added to the registry by various products. Can you imagine, that the Norton Internet Security tool alone adds around 1800 entries to the registry. Even a very experienced computer technician may take hours to manually remove these entries from the registry.

Third, just like any other security products available today, Norton products also view installation of any other security product on your system as a security threat and hinder the installation process. The worst thing is that you may get a security alert even if you are trying to upgrade an existing or install another Norton product on the PC.

How to remove Norton products?

The simplest method to remove Norton products, such as Norton Internet Security tool or Norton Antivirus software is by using the Windows uninstaller. For this, you first need to open the Add or Remove Programs window from your system’s Control Panel. Next, browse through the list of products installed on your system, select the Norton product you want to uninstall, and select Remove. Although this process may remove the product from the system, it might leave behind hundreds of registry entries and system files.

Seeing the need to develop a more efficient uninstall program, Symantec has also developed a separate Norton Removal Tool that helps you in removing a large number of Norton products from your system. You can download this tool easily from the Symantec website. The tool can be used to uninstall all Norton 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 products. However, before using this tool, it is recommended that you backup all your critical files, especially, Act! and Winfax databases.

Today, a large number of third-party Norton removal tools are also available on the Internet. These tools make it simpler for you to remove Norton products. For instance, you can download ezTechTool’s Uninstall Norton utility. This tool is easy to use and is quite effective in completely removing Norton products. The tool not only saves your precious time by removing thousands of unwanted Norton registry entries but also helps you in keeping critical registry entries safe. Using a reliable third-party Norton removal tool, can effectively free your system of Norton products and avoid taking the step to reformat your hard disk.

Whichever method you use to remove Norton from your computer, it is always a good idea to use an advanced registry cleaning tool after the uninstallation to scan the registry for any left-over Norton entries. An advanced registry cleaning tool makes it really easy for you to scan deep into the registry and weed out any left-over and hidden entries. By doing this, you will not only free the registry from unwanted entries but also make it compact and easily accessible. This, in turn, also helps you considerably improve the performance of your computer.

Due to number of problems associated with uninstalling Norton products, many users seek help from online resources such as blogs, message boards, and live chat support executives. Although you can uninstall Norton products by using the Windows uninstall utility, it is not a very efficient method because it usually leaves behind a large number of orphan registry entries and system files. To ensure a more efficient uninstall, you may use the Norton Removal tool or another reliable third-party Norton uninstall utility. We recommend that after uninstall, you use an advanced registry cleaner to scan the registry and remove any left-over Norton registry entries.