Kernel32.dll Errors: Causes and Fixes

Kernel is located at the core of all operating systems and is the first module to load during system startup. Kernel handles important core operating system services such as memory management, disk management, and Input/Output (I/O) operations. In Windows operating systems, kernel-related services are handled by the dynamic link library (DLL), Kernel32.dll. This DLL file is loaded to the protected memory space during the system startup and it stays loaded throughout the time your computer is on.

Kernel32 Errors: Causes

Due to its role in managing a number of core Windows services, Kernel32 errors may occur due to many different hardware, software and system related problems. Some of the issues that may trigger Kernel32 errors are listed below:

Hardware Problems

  • Low disk space
  • Faulty hard disk controller
  • Malfunctioning hardware such as motherboard, RAM, and CPU
  • Over clocking, ground bounce, and RF noise
  • Incompatible, outdated or damaged drivers
  • Incorrect BIOS configuration

System Problems

  • Damaged or missing system folders such as Temp and History folders
  • Corrupt registry hive
  • Corrupt or missing Control Panel (.cpp) file
  • Damaged or missing DLL files
  • Corrupt JAVA machine and .log Msinfo32.exe files
  • Incorrect or corrupt Kernel32.dll file

Software Problems

  • Incorrectly installed software and applications
  • Malicious software such as virus and spyware
  • Damaged software installation files
  • Programs trying to gain access to protected memory space

Kernel32 Errors: Fixes

Let’s see how some of the most commonly occurring Kernel32 errors are fixed.

Invalid Page Fault Error

If one or more programs tries to access the protected memory space where Kernel32.dll is loaded then you may receive an Invalid Page Fault or IPF error message.

Program caused an invalid page fault in module ModuleName at MemoryAddress.

In case only a single program is causing the error, then, uninstalling and reinstalling the program usually fixes the problem. However, if you notice that the IPF error is displayed for many different programs, then most probably the problem lies with a faulty hardware, such as memory or motherboard. You may fix this by identifying and replacing the faulty hardware.

If you notice that IPF errors are occurring in driver programs such as Mprexe, Msgsrv32, and Explorer, then it usually indicates that the password list on your system is corrupt. To fix this issue, you will have to recreate the password file, by deleting the existing file and restarting your PC. Remember to write down all passwords before deleting the file, otherwise, you will lose them.

Damaged Memory Modules

To diagnose damaged memory modules, add ‘DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\HIMEM.SYS /TESTMEM:ON‘ in the config.sys file on your PC and restart the system. If the system displays the ‘‘HIMEM has detected unreliable memory at address xx:xxxxxx” error message, it indicates problems with the memory.


Malware programs are one of the main causes of system errors, including Kernel32 errors. These programs not only corrupt your system files and prevent your system from functioning properly, but also damage the system registry. Certain viruses and Trojans may also cause damage to your system hardware. You can fix and prevent malware related problems by regularly running antivirus and anti-spyware scans on your system. You may also choose to download a reliable registry cleaner from the Internet and run regular registry scans on your system. Registry cleaners help you keep your registry in optimal health and also weed out any malicious entries added to it by malware programs.

A healthy Kernerl32.dll file is important to ensure optimal performance of your Windows system. To ensure that your PC is free of Kernel32-related errors, you must ensure that you have compatible hardware and software installed on your system. You must keep your desk free of dust and other debris to prevent damage to your system hardware. Always keep your PC updated with the latest patches, security releases and virus definitions. You may also use a registry cleaner software to keep the system registry free of corrupt entries. Remember, performing regular preventive maintenance of your PC will help you keep it new for a long time.