Is Alcwzrd.exe a Genuine Process, Virus, or Both?

Alcwzrd.exe is registered as both a genuine process and malware. First, we will take a look at the genuine version of this file and later we will discuss its malware version.

The genuine version of this process is known to be associated with audio drivers from RealTek. By default, it automatically loads whenever you boot Windows. The main function of this file is to detect new devices.

Can I Remove this Process from my Startup Programs?

Yes, you can. Removing this process from startup programs does not affect the performance of your audio drivers in any way.

Perform the following steps to remove from the startup sequence:

  1. Click the Windows icon in your taskbar.
  2. Click the Start Search box, type run, and then press Enter.
  3. In the Run dialog box, type msconfig, and then press Enter to launch the System Configuration Utility dialog box.
  4. Click Startup.
  5. Locate and uncheck the box before alcwzrd.exe.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. Click OK.

A dialog box will appear with two options – Exit without changes and Restart Windows. Select any of the two options.

Is this Process CPU Intensive?

No, the process is not known to consume high amounts of CPU resources.

Alcwzrd.exe Virus

Many times, malware programs give their processes the same names as legitimate processes. This is also the case with this file.

The malware version of this file is known to be associated with many Internet threats. Here are the names of the Internet threats that are related to the malware alcwzrd.exe file.

Backdoor.Win32.VB.bqb [Kaspersky Lab]
Generic.dx [McAfee]
Mal/Behav-216 [Sophos]
New [McAfee]
Trojan Horse [Symantec]
Trojan.DL.VB.DVYK [PC Tools]
Trojan.Win32.VB.bfp [Kaspersky Lab]
Trojan-Downloader.Win32.VB [Ikarus]
Trojan-Downloader.Win32.VB.bko [Kaspersky Lab]
Virus.Win32.AutoRun.ny [Kaspersky Lab]
Virus:Win32/Autorun [Microsoft]
W32.SillyFDC [Symantec]

Alcwzrd.exe Virus – Behavior Report

This malware is known to show the following behavior:

  • Creates as well as deletes other processes
  • Executes a process
  • Injects code into other processes and also indulges in Process Hijacking (writing to another process’s virtual memory)
  • Performs DNS look ups

How to Identify if you are Running the Alcwzrd.exe Virus

To check this, press Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc to launch the Task Manager. Next, click the Processes tab, and check how many instances of alcwzrd.exe are present.

If you see two versions of this file running when RealTek audio drivers are installed on your computer or alcwzrd.exe is present even when you are not using any RealTek audio drivers, it means your PC is infected.

To fix the issue, reboot Windows in Safe Mode and perform a complete malware scan on your system using a reliable and robust antimalware program. Refer to the steps listed below to start Windows in Safe Mode.

  1. Close all running applications.
  2. Restart Windows.
  3. Press and hold the F8 key as Windows reloads.
  4. In the Advanced Boot Option Menu, select Safe Mode.
  5. Press Enter.