How to use Registry Clean Expert

Registry Clean Expert

The Windows registry is a hierarchal database repository that stores the software and hardware confirmation information of your computer. As you continue to use your Windows system, the registry continues to grow. In the process, it attracts a lot of redundant, obsolete, and unwanted information and eventually gets cluttered and fragmented. This, in turn, degrades system performance and generates a number of other problems on the PC.

Registry Clean Expert Options

Registry Clean Expert enables you to perform a number of tasks both on the registry and the system that enables you to improve system performance. You can easily download the software from the internet.

Scan & Clean

Using the Scan & Clean option, you first scan the registry for all types of possible errors such as errors related to Registry Integrity, COM/ActiveX Entries, and shared DLLs. Next, you can review all the errors found and choose to either fix all the errors or fix only selected errors.

Backup & Restore

The registry is one of the most critical components of all Windows systems. Therefore, prior to making any direct changes to the registry, it is very important that you make a registry backup before you start. Using the Backup & Restore option, you can easily make registry backups and restore them in case something gets out of hand.

Defrag Registry

When you use your Windows system, data is constantly added to and removed from the registry. With prolonged use, data gets scattered within the registry and whenever some information is removed from the registry, holes are left in their place. These registry holes lead to fragmentation of the registry. The Defrag Registry option enables you to compact the registry by removing these holes from it and thereby helps you improve system performance.

Startup Organizer

Continued use of your PC over a long period without performing any particular maintenance activity will eventually lead to slower performance. One of the reasons behind this is that more and more programs start getting loaded at startup. Many Trojan, Spyware, and Adware programs also add themselves to startup lists, and as a result, you may find unwanted pop-up windows at startup. The Startup Organizer, included in Registry Clean Expert, enables you to go through the list of programs loaded at startup and disable the ones that you don’t want to automatically start.

Internet Explorer (IE) BHO Organizer

Browser Help Object (BHO) is an IE plug-in that runs automatically when you launch IE. Usually, BHO is added to the system by a third-party software program and  is commonly used to include toolbar accessories. Although, BHO helps you in adding cool functionalities to your IE, there are some BHOs which are Spyware or adware programs. These BHOs can monitor your activities on the Internet and report them back to their developers. BHO Organizer in the Registry Clean Expert enables you to view a list of BHOs on your system and disable the ones that you don’t require.

Privacy Eraser

Your PC keeps a track of all activities that you perform on it. Therefore, anyone with enough knowledge about computers can use this tracked information to get information on what you do on your PC. Registry Clean Expert’s Privacy Eraser tool enables you to erase these tracks completely from your PC. Some of the information Privacy Eraser removes from you PC includes browser visit history, cookies, cache files, types URLs, AutoComplete list, and saved user name and passwords, temp files, network neighborhood cache, and more.

The Registry Clean Expert helps you scan and eliminate incorrect and obsolete information from the Windows registry thereby enhancing system performance. It also enables you to easily make registry backups and restore them if required. You can easily manage programs that startup automatically and IE BHOs with the help of this utility. The program provides support for Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, and Windows 98 operating systems.