How to Uninstall McAfee Security Center

Most of the time, you may need to uninstall McAfee Security Center if your subscription has expired or your current installation has gone corrupt. Due to a large number of products installed with MacAfee Security Center, sometimes it is difficult to ensure a complete uninstall just by using the normal uninstallation process. In this article, you will learn about the methods that you can use to ensure that all McAfee products are removed from the system when you uninstall them.

How to Perform Normal Uninstall Using Control Panel

To use Control Panel’s Add or Remove Programs utility to remove McAfee Security Center from your system, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Start menu, and select Control Panel.
  2. Double-click the Add or Remove Programs option to open the corresponding window.
  3. Locate and select McAfee Security Center listed in the Add or Remove Programs window and select Remove.
  4. Select all checkboxes on the screen to select the McAfee products you want to remove and proceed with the removal process. To ensure complete uninstall, you must uninstall all McAfee Security Center products- McAfee VirusScan, McAfee Personal Firewall, McAfee Privacy Service, and McAfee SpamKiller.
  5. Restart the PC after the uninstallation is complete.

In case, after restart, you see that SecurityCenter has not uninstalled even after you have uninstalled all other McAfee products, then perform to following steps:

  1. Open My Computer.
  2. Navigate to McAfee Program Files folder. For example, C:\Program Files\McAfee.)
  3. Here, open the \Agent\App folder.
  4. In this folder, locate all files with the .adf extension and delete them.
  5. Finally, open the Add or Remove Programs window again and select McAfee Security Center to uninstall it.

How to Perform Automatic Uninstall Using the MCPR Tool

You must use the automatic removal process only if you are unable to uninstall McAfee products using the normal uninstallation method. This process works only on Window XP Home, Windows XP Professional, and Windows Vista. You cannot use this process on Windows 98 and Windows ME computers.

The automatic removal process enables you to remove McAfee Security Center, VirusScan, Personal Firewall Plus, Privacy Service, and SpamKiller. You can also use the process to uninstall McAfee Wireless Network Security, SiteAdvisor, Data Backup, Network Manager, Easy Network, and AntiSpyware.

  1. To perform automatic McAfee removal you can download the MCPR removal tool.
  2. In the File Download dialog box, select the Save button and save the tool on the Desktop
  3. Next, close all McAfee programs running on your PC and double-click the MCPR.exe file. (If you are performing the removal on a Vista system, then, right-click on the file, and select the Run as Administrator option.)
  4. Next, restart your PC when the removal tool finishes and prompts you to do so.
  5. All McAfee products will be removed from the system after the computer restarts.

In case, MCPR displays a red colored cross (X) symbol during the cleanup and shows the status as Incomplete Cleanup, then perform the following steps to fix the issue:

  1. Do not reboot your PC, instead select the View Log button.
  2. The error usually occurs when the tool is unable to remove certain registry entries. The Log file will identify these registry entries and list them with the description, WINERR RegOpenKeyEx() failed. Error: 5. Make a note of all registry keys listed with this error.
  3. Next, open Registry Editor by running the Regedit command.
  4. In the Registry Editor Window navigate to each registry key identified in the log and delete them.
  5. If the message, Permission is Denied, is displayed when you try a registry key, then do the following:
    1. Right-click the key you are unable to delete and select Permissions.
    2. Select the Add button, type Everyone in the text box provided and then, select the OK button.
    3. Finally, delete the registry key. Perform this task for all registry keys your unable to delete.
  6. Restart your PC to ensure that MCPR successfully completes the removal process.

Note: Remember to create a full back of the registry before deleting any entries from it. This is important because if you delete any important entry by mistake, it may cause irreparable damage to the PC and render your system useless. You may also use a reliable registry cleaner tool to create a backup of the registry, scan it for all the unrequired entries, and remove them.

Due to a large number of applications installed with McAfee Security Center, you may not be able completely uninstall McAfee products using the normal uninstallation process. In this case, you can download the MCPR tool from the McAfee website and perform system cleanup. It would be a good idea if you scan the registry using a good registry cleaner tool. An advanced registry cleaner tool enables you to scan deep into the registry and weed out any remnants of the uninstalled software. This helps you ensure that your system is free of all debris and is maintained at its optimal working condition.