How to Specify Additional Time Servers

Would you like to be able to know what time it is elsewhere in the world? Do you live in a country with different time zones? Would you like your computer clock to be as accurate as possible?

Windows XP uses two default time servers. These are and If you would like to set additional time servers, you can do so with a registry tweak. You will be modifying your registry, so create a backup prior to making any changes. You can use the backup to revert to your original registry settings should there be any problems.

This is how you specify additional time servers.

  1. Click on Start and go to Run. Type in regedit and press OK.
  2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. This can be found on the upper left part of your registry editor. Expand the folder by clicking on the cross icon.
  3. Go to SOFTWARE and expand.
  4. Look for the Microsoft folder. Expand this folder too.
  5. Go to Windows now. Expand this folder and look for CurrentVersion.
  6. Expand CurrentVersion and locate DateTime.
  7. When you find DateTime, expand the folder.
  8. Go to the Servers folder.
  9. Look at the right hand pane of your registry editor. Under name, you should be able to see the default entries, 1 and 2.
  10. Now right click on the right hand pane of the registry editor.
  11. Select New and then select String Value. A new string value will come up.
  12. Rename the new String Value the next sequential number available. If you already have 1 and 2, rename the new value, 3. You can also right click on the new string value and select Rename.
  13. Double click on your new string value. For convenience, let’s call the new value, 3.
  14. Double clicking on 3 will bring up a new box. Enter the name of the additional time server as the value data.
  15. Exit the registry and reboot.