How to Modify the Shutdown Time For Services To Close

Shutting down your computer after a hard day’s work can be such a satisfying feeling. Often times though, Windows XP may tell you that the system is waiting for a service to close.

You can modify the time they system takes for this message to appear on your screen. Most people find a shorter delay is better. In most cases, this is true. However, some services need a little more time. In this case, a longer delay is the better choice. However, as a general rule, the shorter the delay, the better.

This registry tweak is for Windows XP based machines. Since this is a registry tweak, this procedure will involve modifying your registry. There are certain risks associated with registry modification, so you should make a backup before you begin. You can always go back to your previous settings if any issue comes up.

Now, if you want to modify the shutdown time for services to close, simply follow the instructions below.

  1. Click Start and go to Run. Enter regedit.
  2. Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on the left hand side of your registry editor. Expand this folder by clicking on the cross icon to the left.
  3. Now go to SYSTEM and expand.
  4. Look for CurrentControlSet. Once you find CurrentControlSet, expand the folder.
  5. This should take you to Control.
  6. Now look at the right hand pane of your registry editor. Do you see WaitToKillServiceTimeout? If you do, go to step seven. If you do not see WaitToKillServiceTimeout, follow the instructions below to create the value.
    • Right click on the right hand pane of the box.
    • Select New and then select String Value.
    • Rename the new String Value WaitToKillServiceTimeout. Or, you can right click on the new string value and select Rename.
  7. Double click on WaitToKillServiceTimeout. A new box will pop up.
  8. The default value is 20,000 which is expressed in milliseconds. Enter your desired value here. You can make the amount of time longer or shorter depending on your preference.
  9. Exit the registry and reboot.