How to Modify Control Panel Categories

Would you like to be able to move around the items in your Control Panel? There is a way to customize your Control Panel so that you can modify the categories to suit your preferences.

You will be doing a registry tweak for this, so be sure to have a backup of your registry settings before attempting to modify your registry. You should also be on a Windows XP based machine as this is the OS that the tweak is made for.

To begin the procedure:

  1. Click on Start and go to Run. Enter regedit and wait for the registry editor to come up.

  2. Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on the left side of the folder. Expand it by clicking on the cross on the left side of the folder.

  3. Go to the SOFTWARE folder and expand.

  4. Look for Microsoft. Expand the folder and go to Windows.

  5. Once you find Windows, expand the folder and go to CurrentVersion.

  6. Expand CurrentVersion and go to Control Panel. Expand Control Panel.

  7. Now go to Extended Properties. Expand this folder and look for {305CA226-D286-468e-B848-2B2E8E697B74} 2.

  8. Now look at the right hand side of the registry editor. Look for the applets that end in .cpl. These are the ones that you can move around. Use the table below for selecting your Value Data

  9. Other Control Panel Options 0
    Appearance and Themes 1
    Printers and Other Hardware 2
    Network and Internet Connections 3
    Sounds, Speed, and Audio Devices 4
    Performance and Maintenance 5
    Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options 6
    Accessibility Options 7
    Add or Remove Programs 8
    User Accounts 9

  10. Double click on one of the applets that have the .cpl extension. A new box will come up.

  11. Enter the location you wish from the table presented above.

  12. Exit the registry and reboot.