How to Identify and Remove The Au_.Exe Process

What is AU_.EXE?

AU_.EXE is a part of a misleading security software called Antivermins. This software usually tricks the user into installing it and produces fake reports of system infection. It was first detected in 2007 and the variants of it are still present on the web.

This software is a type of malware and like a true malware it spreads itself onto the system without the users consent and forcibly installs itself into the registry. These kinds of software are sometimes called rogue scanners.

How does it affect my system?

AU_.exe being a part of the rogue security program, flashes erroneous messages of system infection. It exaggerates the reports and tricks users into paying for a subscription for virus and spyware removal. It promises to charge a small amount for a year’s subscription but you keep getting charged regularly.
Here are some more ways this malware can affect your system:

  1. Prevents the various system processes from running efficiently
  2. Downloads malicious software & Trojans to temporary folders
  3. Can Invade your personal information and send it to other users

Can my OS be affected?

If you own anything from Windows 95 to Windows Vista then Yes, your system is under threat. This rogue scanner changes the user settings and contacts other malware groups. These groups can install spyware or trojans onto your system.

This is how you can manually check to see if AU_.exe is running on your operating system:

  1. Click on Start and go to Search.
  2. Select All files and Folders.
  3. Then select Local Hard Drives(C, D, E) from the Look in drop-down list.
  4. Click on More Advanced options and select the checkboxes Search system folders, Search hidden files and folders, and Search subfolders.
  5. Copy the path in a notepad.
  6. Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC in combination to bring up the Task Manager.
  7. Click on the Processes tab and under Image name check for AU_.EXE
  8. If you find it in the processes then right click on AU_.EXE and then left click on End Process Tree.

In order to remove the malware and all other associated processes from the registry, you need a good amount of registry knowledge. Malware overwrite some of the key system files which can be very tough to detect manually.

How to Get Rid of the AU_.EXE file Completely

The best way to clean up your system is to use a good Anti Spyware software. These are essential if you want to completely get rid of malware in your system. Anti-spyware is software that locates and removes spyware from your system. It also cleans up the temporary files which the malware and spyware use for spreading.