How to Have a Faster Start Menu

Would you like to get rid of the delay when you access the Start Menu?  The slight delay may not be a major concern, but it can be quite irritating when you are in a hurry.  This registry tweak will allow you to change the default speed so that you get a faster Start menu.

Since you will be editing the registry, creating a back-up file is a good idea. You can use the back-up file to restore your previous settings should any issues arise.

To speed up your Start Menu:

1. Click Start and go to Run.  Enter regedit.

2. Locate the folder for HKEY_CURRENT_USER on the left side of the registry editor.  Expand the folder by clicking on the cross on the left.

3. Go to the Control Panel folder.

4. Select the Desktop folder under Control Panel.

5. Find MenuShowDelay on the right side pane of the box.  Note that the default value is 400.

6. Double click on MenuShowDelay.  Another box will pop up.

7.  Change the Value Data to a number of your preference.  You can even set the value to 0 if you like.  This will completely remove any delay.  However, using a setting of 0 will also make it close to impossible to avoid activating All Programs.

8.  Exit the registry and reboot.

Test the speed that you have chosen.  Select a number that will you give you a balance between speed and ease of use.