How To Fix Msvbvm50.dll Is Missing Errors

What is Msvbvm50.dll?

Msvbvm50.dll is a library file that carries a program code, which is required by programs that are written in the Visual Basic programming language. Windows requires this file to run certain programs and applications. The file is actually a module belonging to the Microsoft Visual Basic package, and its origination can be tracked to the software that is loaded in the system.

Why is the Msvbvm50.dll File Important?

The file is important for any program written in the Visual Basic programming language.  The Visual Basic program will stop working on your system if the dll file is stopped or unavailable. The dll is related with other dll files that are a part of the Visual Basic programming language package. Some of the dll files that are related to this dll file are msvbvm60.dll, vb5stkit.dll, vb40016.dll, comctl32.dll, vbrun100.dll, vb40032.dll, vbrun200.dll, comdlg32.dll, vbrun300.dll, vb6fr.dll and vb6stkit.dll.

What are Some of the Common Msvbvm50.dll Errors?

Msvbvm50.dll errors appear in a pop-up dialog box, and some of the common error messages you will encounter related to this dll file are:

  • Msvbvm50.dll not found
  • The file msvbvm50.dll is missing
  • Error starting this program. The required msvbvm50.dll was not found

Common reasons for some of the above mentioned dll errors are that the dll file is either corrupted, deleted, or altered to such an extent that it cannot be used by the program.

How to Fix the Error

There are many ways to fix the msvbvm50.dll error. The ideal way to fix the error depends on the user’s knowledge and comfort level. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to fix the error:

Registry Cleaner

The dll error is often generated by the system because of corrupted registry entries that are related to the application and dll file. One option to solve this issue is to install a good registry cleaner to get rid of all incorrect entries.  The registry cleaner will scan your registry for all missing dll files, application files, and conflicts within the system that are causing instability and dll errors. Novice users can select safe mode or the automated mode for cleaning the registry, where the registry cleaner performs backups before attempting to clean the irrelevant entries and fixing the errors.

Scan your System for Malware

A virus or malware can also generate the dll error. A thorough system scan with good antivirus software can get rid of the infection that is causing the instability.

Reinstall the Program

A good way to get rid of this dll error is to re-install the application that is generating the dll error. Reinstallation ensures that all the required application and dll files are installed again on the system in their original versions.

Update Windows

It is necessary that you regularly download and install all updates provided by Microsoft for your operating system, whether it is Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. The updates are necessary to plug in any loop holes in the coding of the OS that can be responsible for different errors.

You are advised not to download the msvbvm50.dll file from the internet and place it in any folder. There is huge security risk in doing this because the source of the downloaded file cannot always be trusted.