How To Fix Agrsmmsg.exe Error

What is Agrsmmsg.exe?

Agrsmmsg.exe is a process that is used by AMR (audio-modem riser) modems. The file is installed as the default on your PC and is more commonly found on laptop and notebook computers. Your computer uses this file to communicate with the internal modem.

The file is located in the Windows folder (C:\Windows) or at times in the System32 folder (C:\Windows\System32) of your system. Although this process is not essential for your operating system, you must not terminate it until you suspect that it is causing problems on your system.

Problems with Agrsmmsg

Most of the reported problems related to Agrsmmsg are caused by virus or spyware infections. Malicious viruses, spyware and other harmful files may disguise themselves as Agrsmmsg and infect your system.

Many times, these malicious files will take a name similar to the files and processes currently running on your system. You can view all currently running tasks on your system by opening the Windows Task Manager window. To do this, press the ctrl-alt-del keys together, and then open the Processes tab on the Windows Task Manager window. To find out if any malicious process is running on the system, you can scan through the list of currently running processes.

Although useful, Task Manager displays only those processes that are running at the moment, and it does not display any DLL files that would be currently running on your system. Therefore, if a malicious file is running on your system in the name of Agrsmmsg, then you must search for files with the name Agrsmmsg and check to see if they are located in the correct location, (C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System), on the computer.

How to Fix Agrsmmsg Problems

The best way to keep your PC free from problems related to Agrsmmsg and other system processes is to keep your system and the system registry free from malware infections. Listed below are some tips that you can follow to achieve this.

Regularly Perform Antivirus and Anti-Spyware Scan

To keep your PC free from viruses and spyware you must regularly perform scans using reliable antivirus and anti-spyware utilities. These utilities not only enable you to efficiently scan your PC and remove all malicious files from it, but also enables you to prevent these files from infiltrating your system in the first place.

Antivirus and anti-spyware manufacturers release regular virus definitions, and you must keep the utilities on your computer up-to-date with these releases. This will help you keep your PC safe from the latest viruses and spyware, and will enable you to maintain a healthy, error-free computer.

Regularly Perform Registry Scan

Many times, malware programs make malicious entries in the registry and change file associations specified in the registry. This causes an increase in system errors and may even render your system unbootable. To keep your PC free from these problems, you can download and use a registry cleaner software such as RegServe to regularly scan your registry for errors. A good and efficient registry cleaner software will enable you to weed out all problematic entries from the registry and help you maintain your PC at optimal performance.

Regularly Update your Computer

Operating system, software, and driver manufacturers release regular security updates that patch up any security vulnerabilities in their products. These security vulnerabilities are exploited by many virus and spyware manufacturers to gain malicious access to your system. Therefore, to keep your PC free from security vulnerabilities and thus, safe from malware, you must regularly update your operating system, software, and system drivers with the latest security releases and patches.

System processes such as agrsmmsg.exe may cause problems on your computer if they are infected by viruses or spyware programs. To prevent these problems, you must regularly run antivirus and anti-spyware scans to keep your PC safe from malware infections. You must also keep your PC updated with the latest security releases to patch security vulnerabilities with the software installed on your system. Additionally, you must run regular registry scans to weed out any malicious entries from the registry.