How to Fix Adobelinguistic.dll Not Found Error

What is adobelinguistic.dll?

Adobelinguistic.dll is part of the linguistic library component of Adobe Photoshop. This module is not only used by Photoshop, but also by many of Adobe’s products.

What are the errors generated by adobelinguistic.dll?

The adobelinguistic.dll error pops up when Adobe Photoshop starts and displays one of the errors below:

  • “adobelinguistic.dll” not found
  • “program failed to launch because adobelinguistic.dll was not found”
  • “adobelinguistic.dll: Missing”

What are versions of the Adobe software affected because of the adobelinguistic.dll error?

The versions of Photoshop affected:

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Photoshop CS3
  • Photoshop CS4
  • Adobe InDesign CS3
  • Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is not affected directly, but the error pops up only when some of the advanced functions of the reader are used.

How to remove the adobelinguistic.dll error from the system

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing software program designed by Adobe Systems Inc. This is professional software to edit, manipulate, and create high quality images ready for the web. When Photoshop is installed, it copies lot of important files onto the system for the smooth working of the software. When one of the files like adobelinguistic.dll goes missing, Photoshop displays the error while starting. To fix this error, follow these methods –

1) System Restore

2) Uninstall and Reinstall Photoshop

System Restore – This method helps in choosing a time when Photoshop was working absolutely fine. This method helps only if the software is corrupted by other files or accidently deleted. If Photoshop is freshly installed, follow the next method. To run System Restore, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Start and go to All Programs
  2. Go to System tools and choose System Restore
  3. From the list of dates, choose a date when the system was working fine
  4. Click Next and follow the instructions

This will apply the registry setting of the chosen date and then restart the system. If the adobelinguistic.dll error pops up again, follow the next method.

Uninstall and Reinstall Photoshop – To uninstall Photoshop, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Start and go to Control Panel
  2. Click on Add or Remove programs
  3. Choose Photoshop and its related software from the list
  4. Click on Remove or Uninstall
  5. After uninstallation, close all open windows and restart the system

Now reinstall Photoshop again – this should solve the issue with adobelinguistic.dll completely.

If it still gives you the error, then you can download the adobelinguistic.dll from the Adobe website and replace the existing one. Always make sure to download dll files from the manufacturer’s website and not from any unreliable site. Follow these steps to overwrite the dll file:

  1. Close the Photoshop application
  2. Copy the adobelinguistic.dll file and browse to C:\Windows\System32
  3. Paste and overwrite the existing file with the downloaded one
  4. After copying ,close all windows
  5. Click on Start and go to Run
  6. In the dialog box, type cmd and press enter
  7. Type regsvr32 adobelinguistic.dll
  8. Now close all windows and restart the system

This will completely solve the issue with the adobelinguistic.dll error. You can also use Perfect Uninstaller to remove all components of Photoshop.