How to Enable or Disable the Snap To Default Button

Would you like your cursor to do (well, part of) your thinking for you?  If you would like your cursor to automatically jump to the default button of dialog boxes or alerts that pop up, you can use this registry tweak for Windows XP.  This way, you can choose to either enable or disable the Snap To button.

Remember, always back-up your registry first.  This should always be the first step of any registry edit.  A back-up of your registry can be useful in the event that an error arises.

This is how you perform this quick and easy registry tweak.

  1. Click Start.  Go to Run.  Now type in regedit and press OK.

  2. A box will open up.  Look to the left side and locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER.  Expand this folder.

  3. Next, go to Control Panel.

  4. When you find Control Panel, expand the folder.

  5. This should take you to the Mouse folder.

  6. Check and see if you have SnapToDefaultButton on the right hand side of the box.  If you don’t, you will have to create the value.  If you do, proceed to step 7.

  7. To create SnapToDefaultButton:

    Right click on the white part of the right hand side of the box.  Select New.

    – Select String Value.

    – Rename the new String Value SnapToDefaultButton.  Alternately, you can right click on the new value (New Value#1) that will come up and select rename.

  8. Once you already have SnapToDefaultButton in place, double click on the value and a new box should pop up.

  9. Choose your settings.  You can type in 0 to disable SnapTo or you can choose to enter 1 to enable SnapTo.

  10. Exit the registry and reboot.