How to Enable or Disable the DVD Player

Would you like to be able to separate work from entertainment?  Would you like for your employees and/or clients to be able to learn from videos?  You may want to perform this registry tweak to disable or enable the DVD player on a Windows XP based PC. 

This tweak may be especially helpful in preventing the waste of company time and resources, but can also be of help in allowing PC users to watch tutorials and learn at their own desks at their own pace. 

Since disabling the DVD player involves editing the registry, you will need to back-up your original settings first.  This gives you an opportunity to restore your registry to the original settings in case issues arise.

To perform this tweak, you need to be on a Windows XP based PC.  You will also need to back-up your registry, just in case problems arise.

This tweak is easy to do, just follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Start and go to Run.  Type in regedit and press Enter.

  2. Expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder found on the left side.  Do this by clicking on the cross on the left side of the folder.

  3. Now go to Software.  Expand the folder.

  4. You will now see the Microsoft folder.  Expand this folder to get to MediaPlayer.

  5. Expand MediaPlayer.  You should look for Player next.

  6. When you have found Player, expand the folder and look for Settings.

  7. Check the right hand side of the box to see if EnableDVDUI is already present.  If the value is listed, go ahead to step eight.  If the value is not listed, you will have to complete the steps below to finish the tweak.
  8. – Right click on the right side of the box.

    – Select New and then select String Value.

    – Rename the new String Value to EnableDVDUI.  You can also right click on the new string value and use the Rename option.

  9. Double click on EnableDVDUI. A new box will pop up.

  10. Enter No if you want to disable the DVD player.  Enter Yes if you want to enable the player.

  11. Exit the registry and reboot.