How to Enable or Disable Save Password in DUN

Do you ever get tired of manually entering your password every time you dial-up? Would you prefer to limit access to dial-up networking by keeping the password a secret? This helpful registry tweak allows you to enable or disable the save password function in dial-up networking.

Keep in mind that this is a registry tweak, and there are always risks involved when editing your registry. Always create a backup before making any changes. Changes to the registry are irreversible unless you have a back-up in place.

Here are the steps to perform if you want to enable or disable the save password function in DUN.

  1. Click Start and go to Run. Enter regedit.
  2. Go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder. You can see this on the left side of the registry editor. Expand this folder.
  3. Go to SYSTEM and expand this folder.
  4. Look for the CurrentControlSet folder. Expand this folder.
  5. Now look for Services folder under CurrentControlSet.
  6. Expanding the Services folder should lead you to RasMan. Expand the RasMan folder.
  7. Now look for the Parameters folder.
  8. Look at the right hand side of the registry editor. If you see DisableSavePassword, go straight to step nine. If you don’t see the value, follow the instructions below.
    • Right click on the right hand side of the registry editor.
    • Select New and then select DWORD.
    • Rename the new DWORD value DisableSavePassword. You may also opt to right click on the new DWORD value and select Rename.
  9. Double click on DisableSavePassword. A new box should open up.
  10. Enter 0 in the value data field if you want the password saved. If you do not want the password to be saved, you can enter 1 instead.
  11. Exit the registry and reboot.