How to Deal with Problems Related to the Syntpenh.exe File

What is Syntpenh.exe?

Syntpenh.exe is Synaptics TouchPad Enhancer. The syntpenh.exe file is part of the Synaptics Touchpad Driver, which is installed on laptops for better functionality of its touchpads. Synaptics is a company that develops a variety of Human Interface solutions for electronics majors.

What are the Errors Generated by the Syntpenh.exe File?

Synaptics Touchpad drivers are typically factory installed on laptops and so they very rarely generate errors. And when they do, it is mostly due to interfere with newly installed programs. The errors which are usually displayed on the screen are –

Syntpenh.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


SynTPEnh.exe – Application error

The instructions at 0x00401e36 referenced memory at 0x00000000. Memory could not be read.

What are the Versions of Windows which can Generate Errors with the Syntpenh.exe File?

The Synaptics touchpad driver has been around since the introduction of touchpads in laptops. The Synaptics software installs itself as an enhanced mouse driver and is an integral part of all versions of Windows OS since Windows 98.

How to Fix Errors Generated by Syntpenh.exe

Fixing errors generated by the syntpenh.exe file can be done by following these methods –

  1. Disabling the additional functionality from the Control Panel
  2. Stopping the driver from loading during startup
  3. Updating the existing Synaptics touchpad driver

Disabling the Additional Functionality from the Control Panel – You can disable the touchpad device from the mouse settings options. Disabling this will stop additional functionality like side scroll, special tap zones, zoom, etc. but the basic functionality of the touchpad and buttons will function as normal. Disabling will just stop the program from running actively but the syntpenh.exe file will still run in the background and can still produce errors. For this reason, the Synaptics process has to be stopped after additional functionality has been disabled. To do this follow these steps –

  1. Click on Start and then select Control Panel
  2. Choose Hardware and Sound in Win7 or Mouse Settings in Windows XP
  3. Right Click on the Mouse and Choose Mouse Settings
  4. Under Touchpad Click on disable or uncheck the enable option
  5. Now close all windows and right click on the Taskbar
  6. From the processes tab choose the SYNTPENH and SYNTPLPR processes one by one and choose end task

Now close all windows and the error related to the Synaptics touchpad should not appear. If the error reappears then follow the next method.

Stopping the Driver from Loading During Startup– You can stop the systpenh.exe to load during startup with other programs. To disable it follow these steps.

  1. Click on Start and then choose Run
  2. Type msconfig in the dialog box and press OK
  3. In the System Configuration window Click on the Startup Tab
  4. From the options uncheck the syntpenh.exe
  5. Now Click OK. It will prompt to restart the system

After the system restarts the error should not appear and if it does then follow the next method.

Updating the Existing Driver – Microsoft has confirmed some errors with Synaptics touchpad drivers so it is always better to download the latest drivers of the touchpad from Synaptics or from the laptop manufacturer’s website.