How to Deal with Contextual Ads by Viewpointservice.exe

What is viewpointservice.exe?

Viewpointservice.exe is part of the Viewpoint Media Player designed by Viewpoint Corporation. It is majorly distributed and installed as a browser plugin on a system.

What are the errors generated by viewpointservice.exe?

The Viewpoint program doesn’t give any errors as such, but as a plugin, it displays contextual advertisement on webpages. It runs like an adware, and this is the reason why it becomes annoying in the long run.

What is the OS and browser affected by viewpointservice.exe?

All OS versions of Windows that use the AOL plugin on the IE browser or the AOL Instant Messenger will have this software installed on their system.

How to remove the viewpointservice.exe from the system

Viewpointservice.exe is an executable file for the Viewpoint Media Player which is installed as a media plugin on the browser. It is used to display rich media content like flash, 3D video, etc. on the Internet. It is bundled with all AOL software because Viewpoint Media Player is the graphics engine for AOL Instant Greetings Software. It is also distributed with some Adobe and many AOL products like AIM, AOL browser, etc. To remove the Viewpoint products completely from the system, you can follow these methods:

1) Running System Restore

2) Disabling the plugin in IE

3) Disabling the service and uninstalling the software

Running System Restore – If the Viewpoint Media Player was accidently installed on the system, you can do a System Restore which will remove the newly installed player. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Start and choose All programs
  2. Browse to System Tools and click on System Restore
  3. From the list of dates, choose a date before the installation of Viewpoint Media player
  4. Click Next

This will apply the settings of the chosen date and restart the system. If the Viewpoint software is still present, follow the next method.

Disabling the Plug-in in IE – To disable the Viewpoint products plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Open IE and click on Tools
  2. Select Manage Add-ons
  3. Select Toolbar and Extensions under Add-on Types
  4. Right click on the services related to Viewpoint and select Disable

If this does not stop the viewpoint service, follow the next method.

Disabling the service and uninstalling the software – Disabling the service on the browser can work, but disabling the service from the Task Manager will make it stop completely. To disable and uninstall the Viewpoint software, follow these steps:

  1. Close all browsers and programs
  2. Right click on the taskbar and then choose Task Manager
  3. Under Processes look for Viewpointservice.exe and ViewMgr.exe
  4. Right click on both and select End Process Tree
  5. Now close all the windows and click on Start
  6. In the Run dialog box type services.msc
  7. Now look for Viewpointservice.exe and ViewMgr.exe services
  8. Double click on both and in the General tab choose STOP
  9. Choose the Startup Type as Disabled
  10. Click on Apply and close all the windows
  11. Click on Start and choose Control Panel
  12. Select Add or Remove Programs and Uninstall all the software related to Viewpoint
  13. Now close all windows and restart the system

This should completely take care of the Viewpointservice.exe process. You can also use the Perfect Uninstaller software to remove the Viewpoint software. A registry cleaner can also be used to remove the registry entries.