How to Add an Administrator Account to the Login Screen

Installing XP and adding a user causes the Administrator account to disappear. To pull the Administrator account up, you have to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete twice at the welcome screen. The administrator can then logon at this point. To log off though, the Administrator will have to click Start and then log off the account.

If you want the Administrator account to always be visible on the login screen, simply follow the steps below. Take note, this is a registry tweak for Windows XP based computers only. And, as always, remember to create a back-up of your registry before making any edits. Changes to the registry are irreversible otherwise.

Follow the steps below if you want the Administrator account to always be visible in the login screen.

  1. Click Start and go to Run. Enter regedit.
  2. Go to HKEY_LOCALMACHINE. Expand this folder.
  3. Now go to SOFTWARE. Expand this folder.
  4. Look for Microsoft. Expand this.
  5. Go to Windows NT. Expand this folder too.
  6. This should take you to CurrentVersion. Once you’re inside CurrentVersion, look for Winlogon.
  7. Expand Winlogon and look for SpecialAccounts.
  8. You should find UserList under SpecialAccounts.
  9. Now look at the right hand side of the box. Check if Administrator is present. If the value is listed, go to step ten. If not, the instructions for creating the value are below.
    1. Right click on the right hand side of the box.
    2. Select New and then select DWORD.
    3. Rename the new DWORD value Administrator. You can also do this by right clicking on the new DWORD value and selecting Rename.
  10. Double click on Administrator. A new box will pop up.
  11. Type in 0 if you want the Administrator account enabled. Type in 1 if you want the Administrator account disabled.
  12. Exit the registry and reboot.