How Do I Manually Remove Mirar Toolbar?

Manual Mirar Removal Process

To manually remove Mirar files, you need to perform the following tasks:

  • Delete Mirar processes
  • Delete Mirar registry keys and values
  • Unregister Mirar DLL files
  • Delete Mirar files

This article lists the steps you need to perform to delete these files and registry entries.

Removing Mirar Processes

Open your Start menu, select Search, and then select the For Files and Folders command. Next, select the All files and folders option. Here, perform separate searches for the following two files:

  • mirarsetup.exe
  • 875455-NOSB.exe

If these files are displayed in the search results, delete them.

Removing Mirar Registry Keys and Values

To delete Mirar toolbar entries from the system registry, open the Start menu and select Run. In the Open field, type regedit and select the OK button. This opens the Registry Editor window. This window comprises two panes. The left pane enables you to select registry keys that you want to view or edit. The right pane displays the values associated with the selected registry.

To uninstall Mirar, you need to search the registry for many registry keys and delete them. To search for registry keys, in the Registry Editor window, open the Edit menu and select the Find command. Type the registry key you need to search for in the Find what field and press Enter. To delete a registry key or value, right-click on it and select Delete.

To free your PC from Mirar, you need to search for and delete the following registry keys or values:
























HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternetSettings > oneMapDomains

Warning: Making changes to your computer’s registry can cause irreparable damage, make sure you always back up your registry before you make any changes.

Therefore, if you are not experienced in making changes to your registry, we recommend using a registry cleaning tool to rid your registry of all the unwanted and problematic entries. Registry cleaning tools automate the process of scanning the registry for errors and removing them from the system. They also include tools that help you make a complete backup of your registry in just a few mouse clicks.

Unregistering Mirar DLL Files

Just like all other Windows applications and software, spyware such as Mirar also copy a number of DLL files to various locations on your system. These DLLs are used by Mirar to perform certain pre-specified tasks. To manually remove these files, you need to unregister the DLLs using the Regsver32 command.

To unregister DLL files, first search for their exact location on the system. Next, run the regsvr32 /u FullDLLName.dll and press Enter. DLL name should include the exact location of the DLL file on the system.

To remove Mirar toolbar, you need to unregister the following DLL files:

  • windmy.dll
  • nn_bar.dll
  • nn_bar21.dll
  • nn_bar22.dll
  • nn_bar31.dll
  • winnb[X].dll
  • winnb40.dll
  • winnb41.dll

Deleting Mirar Files

Finally, perform a search for the following files on your system and delete them:

  • mit3.tmp

With the number of spyware programs such as Mirar increasing everyday, it is very important for you to prevent these malicious programs from downloading and installing on your computer. These programs and their variants can install in many different locations, making it very difficult to achieve a clean uninstall. Therefore, it is best, if you prevent them from gaining access to your system in the first place. You can do this with the help of an efficient anti-spyware software. A good anti-spyware not only helps you remove various spyware programs but also prevents them from infesting your PC. You may also opt for a good and reliable registry cleaner to automatically scan the registry for malicious entries and remove them.