Fixing Windows Vista Error 0x80070052

How to Fix Windows Vista Error 0x80070052

The following error message may be displayed on your Windows Vista computer when you try to copy files to an SD or USB card:

Error 0x80070052 Files can not be found or do not exist.

Cause of the Error

There can be many causes of this error message and the resolution method usually depends on the type of SD or USB card and its features. Some of the common causes of Windows Vista 0x80070052 error are:

  • You do not have the latest Windows Vista updates installed on the system.
  • Your SD or USB card does not support more than a said number of folders in the root folder.
  • The file system on the card is not compatible with your Windows operating system or does not comprise the features you want to use.

Resolution Methods

Some of the tasks that are known to resolve this error message are discussed below:

  • If you are using an SD card, ensure that Windows Vista KB936825 update is installed on the system. This update helps in adding several features to enable you to work with SD cards and also helps in resolving several errors that are generated when you attempt to access or copy files to your SD card using your Windows Vista PC.
  • There are a few SD or USB cards that do not support a large number of folders within the root folder. Therefore, it is recommended that you create a sub-folder within the root and then copy your files and folders within this sub-folder. A few cards that do not allow you to create a new folder in root, usually have a pre-existing folder, within which you can copy your data folders.
  • At times, you cannot copy or access files if the file partition on your SD or USB card does not match with your computer file system. Many USB cards come with FAT (or FAT16) partition that lacks several features. For instance, you may not be able to access your SD or USB card to its full storage capacity if it is formatted into FAT16 partition. Similarly, if the card is formatted into NTFS, you may not be able to access it on operating systems that do not support the NTFS file system, such as Windows 98. This is the reason why, while working with Windows, the safest file system to use is FAT32. So, if you are having problems, you may try to format your SD or USB card into the file system you would like to use and then start storing data on it.
  • You may also encounter the error message if your SD or USB card is infected with a virus or a spyware. Therefore, it is recommended that you use reliable antivirus and antispyware tools, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease to check the card for any infections.