Fixing Ogacheckcontrol.dll Related Errors

What is ogacheckcontrol.dll?

Ogacheckcontrol.dll is a part of Microsoft’s Office product validation process. This file belongs to the Office Genuine advantage (OGA) module of Microsoft and is not a malware.

What is ogacheckcontrol.dll doing on my system?

Ogacheckcontrol.dll is a part of OGA and gets downloaded on your system as a part of the Microsoft office update. OGA checks for the legitimacy of the Microsoft Office software installed on the system. It is similar to Windows Genuine Advantage that checks for legitimacy of the Windows Operating system. This software is designed by Microsoft to keep a check on the pirated versions of the Office software.

Ogacheckcontrol.dll, once installed by the OGA, checks for the cracked versions of Office software. Once OGA finds out that a copy is illegal it reduces the functionality of Office significantly. The user will not be able to save or edit documents. The pop-up that appears on screen is –

‘This copy of Microsoft is not genuine.'

'Please excuse this interruption. This copy of Microsoft Office did not pass validation. Click Learn More for details and for help identifying the best way to get genuine Microsoft Office.'

Sometimes, even with a genuine copy of Microsoft Office, the Ogacheckcontrol.dll limits the use of office software and this is when it creates a problem. OGA cannot be directly uninstalled from the Add or Remove Programs in Windows. You will need to install OgaCheckControl.dll again on the system and revalidate the Office software. To do this, perform the steps given below –

  1. Close all Microsoft Office Applications.
  2. Open Internet Explorer.
  3. Type in the address bar and Press Enter.
  4. A download dialog box pops up.
  5. Click Open for after the download is complete.
  6. This cab files has 2 files OgachcekControl.dll and OgaControl.inf.
  7. Select both the files and Press Ctrl-C to copy these files.
  8. Click on Start and then on Run.
  9. Type %systemroot% and Press Enter.
  10. This will take you to the Windows root directory.
  11. Navigate to the System32 folder.
  12. Double-click on system32 folder.
  13. Press Ctrl-V to paste the copied files.
  14. Click on OK to overwrite the existing OgaCheckControl.dll and OgaControl.inf. (You need administrative rights for doing this)
  15. Close the Sytem32 folder after this.
  16. Click on Start and then click on Run.
  17. Type regsvr32 OGACheckControl.dll and then click OK.
  18. You will get a popup saying ‘DllRegisterServer in OGACheckControl.dll succeeded’.
  19. Restart the system.

After restarting the system, run the office validation again. Now the system should approve the validation and the limited functionality of your Office software should be removed. You can now install updates for the Office software.
However, if your system does not approve the validation, you can run the genuine online diagnostics from the Microsoft website. This will check the cryptographic service of Windows and repair it. The steps to be followed are –

  1. Open Internet explorer.
  2. Navigate to the Microsoft Genuine Advantage – Diagnostic Site website.
  3. Click on Start Diagnostics on the webpage.
  4. Click Resolve Now to fix the issues.
  5. The tool will solve the problem or provide instructions to solve the issue.

These issues may also occur if there is problem with DLL file registration information in the Windows registry. To easily repair such issues, you may use a reliable registry tool, such as RegServe to perform a custom registry scan for DLL related issues and fix them. Also, for hassle free functioning, use genuine software only.