Fixing CRC Error

What are CRC Errors

CRC or Cyclic Redundancy Check is a process that helps in identifying any errors that might occur during the data transmission process. Data is usually transmitted in small blocks, and a CRC value is assigned to each block and transmitted along with it. This CRC value is verified at the destination to ensure that it matches the CRC value transmitted from the source. A CRC error occurs when the two values (source and destination) do not match and the test fails. The main benefit of CRC is that it helps you ensure that data you have received or downloaded is not damaged or corrupt.

Causes of CRC Errors

CRC errors can occur due to many different types of problems. Some of these problems are:

  1. Damage to file during the transmission process.
  2. A problem occurred when the file was being sent.
  3. Problems with the device that is accessing or opening the file.
  4. Problems with the file itself.

Resolving CRC Errors

Let’s now have a look at the methods you can use to resolve some of the common CRC errors on your Windows system.

Fixing Transmission Problems with Network and Modem

You may encounter CRC errors while trying to transmit files over a network or a modem connection if there are problems with the connection you are using or there are data collisions occurring during the transmission due to heavy traffic.

Additionally, you may receive CRC errors if you are not transmitting your file in a format that is compatible with the protocol being used for transmission. For instance, if you are sending a text file through an FTP or Telnet session, it must be sent in Text mode or as an ASCII file. Non-text files, however, must be transmitted as binary files.

To resolve these problems, you can try the following:

  • Ensure that there are no problems with your network or modem connection.
  • Try to retransmit the file.
  • Try sending the file using some other method or connection.
  • Ensure that the file was sent using the correct format.

Fixing Problems with Removable Media

Problems with the removable media such as Zip disks or Floppy disks are one of the most common causes of CRC errors. If your source file is not damaged, then try using an alternate disk or media to store and share it.

Fixing Problems Related to CD-ROM Drives

There can be many reasons why CRC errors occur when you try to open a file from a CD. The CD may be dirty or scratched, the CD may not have been burned properly, or the CD-Drive could be dirty.

To resolve these issues, clean the dirty CD and CD drive or re-burn your data on a new working CD.

Fixing Problems with a Damaged File or Program Attempting to Open It

To resolve CRC errors that you receive when trying to access a file from your hard drive, you must try to download the file again or reinstall the application that you are using to open the file. You may also try to open the file using some other application. If none of these options work, it indicates that your file is bad and it is not possible to recover it.

Fixing DMA Driver Error

DMA driver error occurs when data that is transmitted between the host computer and its drive gets damaged or corrupted. To resolve this error, first check the cabling of your drive and ensure that your drive, cable and your PC hardware is compatible with each other. Also, ensure that the IDE cable that is used to connect drives to your motherboard is away from components such as the CPU and SMPS (Power Supply) to prevent electronic bus noise within the cable.

CRC is an efficient technique to determine the errors that might occur during transmission. Data can be transferred using network or modem connections, Floppy and Zip Disks, CDs, or they can be downloaded from the Web. Most of the time, you can resolve CRC errors by rectifying the errors in the mode of transmission. If there is no problem with the method used to transfer a file, then it indicates that the file you are trying to transmit or share is damaged and cannot be recovered.