Fix Windows Update 0x80072EE2 Error

One of the following error messages may display on your computer screen when you try to use the Microsoft Update Website or the Microsoft Windows Update Website:

Error 0x80072EE2

Error 0x80072EE7

Error 0x80072EFD

Error 0x80072F76

Error 0x80072F78

Additionally, if you open the %systemroot%\Windowsupdate.log file, you may see entries indicating problems with the update process.

Cause of the Error

When you encounter these error messages it indicates that the Windows Update client on the system was unable to receive a response from the Windows Update or the Microsoft Update Web site.

This situation is usually caused by programs running on your computer or due to general network failures.

Resolutions Methods

A home user or a user who’s PC is not behind a proxy server can use the following steps to resolve the error message.

Step 1: Ensure that your internet connection is working

You will be unable to download updates if there is a problem with your Internet connection. Try to open other Web sites on the system to check if they open normally. If they don’t, it means that there is a problem with your Internet connection and you must get it rectified.

Step 2: Check the settings of any personal firewall software installed on your computer.

Microsoft Update client and the Windows Update client run in an Svchost.exe instance. This Svchost.exe instance needs to access the Internet to download updates on your system. It is possible that your personal firewall settings are blocking this transaction, resulting in an error. This is the reason why, you may need to check the settings of the firewall to ensure that it is not blocking the Windows Update process for accessing and downloading content from the Internet. You may also need to update the personal firewall program to fix the error message.

To temporarily resolve the problem, you can disable the personal firewall program and then attempt to download updates on the system.

Note:Remember to re-enable the firewall after the download is complete.

Step 3: Disable any software or download accelerator programs installed on the system.

The 0x80072EE2 error and other error messages may occur if you have software or have download accelerator programs installed on your system. Therefore, disable these programs before accessing the Windows or Microsoft update website.

Step 4: In Internet Explorer Add the Microsoft Update Web site and the Windows Update Web site to the Trusted Sites list

    1. In the Internet Explorer window, open Tools menu, and then select Internet Options.
    2. On the Security tab of the Internet Options dialog box, click Trusted Sites.
    3. Next, click the Sites button.
    4. Clear the Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone check box.
    5. Next, add the following Web sites in the Add this Web site to the zone box:

  1. Click OK twice to save your changes and exit the Internet Options dialog box.

Step 5: Edit hosts files to remove Windows Update and Microsoft Update

  1. Open notepad and then open the %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file.
  2. If you find any entries similar to the ones given below, the # symbol in front of them.


Note: Remove any entries that are related to the Microsoft Update or Windows Update Website.

    1. Save and exit the hosts file.
    2. Reboot your PC.
    3. Open Command Prompt.
    4. Type the following command and then press Enter.
      1. In the Internet Explorer window, open Tools menu, and then select Internet Options.
      2. Click the LAN Settings button on the Connections tab.
      3. Clear the Automatically detect settings check box in the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings dialog box, and then click OK.
      4. Exit Internet Explorer and then open the Command Prompt window.
      5. Next, type the following commands and press Enter after each to clear the WinHTTP proxy configuration settings.
        proxycfg -d
        net stop wuauserv
        net start wuauserv

ipconfig /flushdns

Step 6: Clear the WinHTTP proxy configuration

If your PC uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet, perform the following steps to clear the WinHTTP proxy configuration:

If you are on a corporate network, it is recommended that you contact your Network Administrator to ensure that you are allowed to access the Windows Update or Microsoft Update Website and download the updates to the system.