Fix Vista Error Code 0x800710FE & Error Code 0xE0000100

Error Code 0x800710FE

On your Windows Vista PC, perform the following:

  • First set up an offline sync partnership with a network folder.
  • Next, disable the network connection of your Vista PC.

In this scenario, if you try to edit a file located on a network folder that exists on your Vista PC itself, the following error message may be displayed:

File_name is not available on this computer (0x800710FE)

Here, file_name is the name of the file you are trying to access.

When you attempt to open the file, you may receive the following error message:

Could not open \\server_name\share_name\file_name.ext.

Here, \\server_name\share_name\ is the path to the file_name.ext file you are trying to open.

Even if you try to synchronize your files after enabling the network connection, you may still be unable to do so. The following error message may be displayed when in the Windows Vista Sync Center, and you click the Sync All button:

Unexpected Network Error

Cause of the Error

This error message usually occurs on Vista computers that have the Panda Antivirus software installed on them.

Resolution Method

You may use one of the following methods to work around the issue and resolve the error:

  • Open Panda Antivirus and exclude the files that are generating from the files to be scanned list.
  • Before starting file synchronization, stop the Panda Antivirus service.

Error Code 0xE0000100

Consider the following scenario:

  • The first Windows Vista installation is performed using an image created by the computer manufacturer to install the operating system.
  • The image is created using the sysprep or the System Preparation tool.
  • The hard disk of your Vista computer comprises two or more partitions.
  • The partition on which Windows Vista is installed is greater the 40 GB and the size is also a multiple of 4 GB.
  • You run Windows Vista setup, delete the partition on which Windows Vista was installed earlier, and then try to create a new partition.

When this happens, you may receive the following error message:

Windows installation encountered an unexpected error. Verify that the installation sources are accessible, and restart the installation. Error code: 0xE0000100

Cause of the Error

This issue occurs due to the fact that the Windows Vista setup process cannot recognize the partition if the last DWORD value of the size of the partition is 0-this value is zero on partitions that are larger than 40 GB and have a size that is a multiple of 4 GB.

Resolution Method

To resolve this error message, you need to download and install the latest Windows Vista service pack on your computer.

A hotfix meant to fix the problem described in this article is also available. You may contact Microsoft support to obtain this hotfix and install it on your PC to resolve the error.